News : Renato Canova's revolutionary proposal to fight doping

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Renato Canova's revolutionary proposal to fight doping

Renato Cánova, with one of his athletes in Kenya

He is one of the gurus of the world fund and has enough experience and pedigree that practically everything he says goes to mass. Renato Cánova is one of the world's most reputable athletic trainers and his heterodox and efficient methods have 'mutated' into huge successes for his athletes. Renato Canova moved to Kenya 20 years ago and has already accumulated more than 40 medals in major competitions for his riders.. It has been more than 20 years since the Italian landed in the Rift Valley, in Kenya, and since then he has stood out as one of the great discoverers of talent. Among his most recognized disciples are Wilson Kipsang, Florence Kiplagat, Moses Mosop, Abel Kirui, Mary Keitany or Silas Kiplagat.

A drastic measure but one that can be effective

What we were going to. It turns out that given the avalanche of doping scandals that have been appearing in Kenya in recent years, Cánova himself has proposed a method for athletes to 'scorn', but above all so that it is not unfair that they win tests and medals and then after one year give positive and do not take away those metals. One of the points of his proposal, as he comments on ‘Twitter’ @gabyandersen, is that 50% of the amount of the corresponding prize they win for a test is collected one year later. In this way, a margin is given to confirm that the athlete is clean and does not 'fall' in subsequent tests (as happened, for example, to Kiptum after making the record in Valencia).

Another point would be to enter the other 50% into an account. I would be there 3 years. It could be withdrawn after that time after seeing the biological passport, which, as you know, is the compilation of the physiological parameters of an athlete, through various blood and urine tests over a period of time (usually 5 or 6 tests). The other option that Canova raises is deliver the full awards to the manager at 6 months. The manager, in that case, would be responsible for the athlete And if in the future it is shown that the athlete doping, the manager would have to refund the money to the organizer.

Undoubtedly, some of the most coherent measures to avoid the injustices of recent times and to eliminate that ‘shadow of suspicion’ that is usually planned when an athlete tests positive or misses several controls and has achieved a great mark recently.

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