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Report: Hoeneß stops at Bayern - sports

  • Uli Hoeneß wants to go imageInformation in November no longer stand for re-election as president of Bayern.
  • In addition, Hoeness also wants to give up the post as chairman of the supervisory board, writes the paper.
  • Hoeness is to plan to propose the deputy Bayern supervisory board chairman and former Adidas boss Herbert Hainer as a successor to his previous offices.

The era Uli Hoeneß is the German football record champions Bayern Munich apparently after 40 years in the club leadership to an end. According to information of imageNewspaper, the president will no longer stand for re-election in November, also wants to give up his post as chairman of the board Hoeness accordingly. For this office, the 67-year-old had been confirmed until last December until 2022.

A confirmation for the personnel does not exist from Bayern so far.

For his succession Hoeness loud image Already envisaged a wish candidate - the former Adidas boss Herbert Hainer. As future CEO of the former Bayern and national team goalkeeper Oliver Kahn will come to Bayern.

Hoeneß got the image according to his plans do not want to comment. In addition to the desire to be a little shorter, but also the criticism of his person at the past general meeting to the decision has helped to withdraw.

"Everybody is replaceable"

Hoeneß had only celebrated his 40th anniversary at the beginning of May as manager and creator of the club. "After the season, I will sit down with my family and decide by the end of June whether I will compete again or not." This timetable is known to everyone in the club, "Hoeness said in an interview with the German Press Agency on the occasion of the anniversary , "I'm totally relaxed on the subject, but one thing is clear: you can not imagine that you're irreplaceable, everyone is replaceable," he added.

Hoeneß had played for Bayern until 1979, after his early career end, he became manager of the club. In 2009, he moved to the post of president, which he vacated during his prison term for tax evasion from 2 June 2014. After the release, he returned in the fall of 2016. Since the beginning of 2017, Hoeneß is also the chairman of the supervisory board.

Hoeness, as a player world champion, European champion, three times German champion and three times European Cup winner, formed the FC Bayern to the most successful club in Germany. The Munich won twice during his work as manager and president of the Champions League and the vast majority of a total of 29 championship titles.

As a "robber baron" and "horse dealer" insulted

The success story he has written as a manager and then president is extraordinary and unique in world football. "This performance will not beat anyone," said his friend Jupp Heynckes, long successfully on the bench of Bayern.

As a manager Hoeneß was once called a "robber baron" and "horse dealer", he fought legendary fights with the football coach Christoph Daum or the long-standing Werder Bremen manager Willi Lemke. "I wanted to bring Bayern up at any price," he said, except for "my tax history" he had "not made so many serious mistakes". The biggest, Hoeneß repeatedly admitted, was the dismissal of Heynckes in 1991, which later brought him the highlight of the 2013 Triple.

"In two, three years, maybe even sooner," he said, he would hand over the business, he said a few weeks ago. Now it is obviously much faster. Hoeneß wants to leave an ordered field, but with the term "life's work" he can "do nothing", on a statue he put "no value".

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They do not want to wait

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