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Resignation VfB President Dietrich - Witzle with Fritzle - Sport

  • The general meeting at VfB Stuttgart is turbulent and full of surprises.
  • President Wolfgang Dietrich no longer sees a majority and resigns.
  • "I will not take my dignity," he says.
  • For some Dietrich was the maker, for others a vain ruler.

Sports reporters are, as far as one has noticed, not yet resigned because of VfB Stuttgart, at least it is not known that it would have happened because of the wireless connection. However, this is notorious in the stadium of the VfB, and it can not be ruled out that people who are relying on a stable network around this club professionally, have already speculated several times with a career change. Wolfgang Dietrich, 70, already has several professions behind him, he was software and sports marketing entrepreneur, later he was spokesman and CEO of the Stuttgart 21 rail project, in October 2016 he took over the presidency at the VfB - honorary. Since this Monday morning Dietrich has now also this vocation behind him: "It was an honor for me to serve this association", so initiated Dietrich on his Facebook page, his resignation, before he tightened the tone quite quickly.

"I do not want to take away my dignity and honor from those who demonstrate their power loudly and verbally," he wrote, adding that he had never considered the outcome of the general meeting "what we as an association would expect our attending members to do have is terrible ". In simple terms, the members were told that VfB is back on track to replace HSV as the most cabaret-rich club in the country. "Koi Fritzlebox" mocked it the next day in the net: A pretty pretty joke in the face of the fact that the club mascot Fritzle is called and the VfB had to cancel the meeting the previous evening - because the wireless network failed, which had been specially installed for the votes ,

Accompanied by bodyguards

Incidentally, the decisive vote would have been on President Dietrich, a request for cancellation was on the agenda.

Of course, Dietrich has not resigned because the VfB does not get on the net, but for the dynamics of the evening, the glitches were not insignificant. Pro and con-Dietrich contributions had been there until then, beyond the usual figures, which had reported for the financial year 2018 a record turnover (154.4 million euros) and a year-to-date of 11.7 million euros. But the more nervous and irritated the wobbly Wi-Fi could be the mood in the arena, the more nervous and irritable was also Dietrich, who told the Dietrich-critical speaker Rainer Adrion, an old VfB hero, to have overdid his speaking time. In the momentum of this evening, even the hard to imagine suddenly seemed conceivable: that in the end those 75 percent would vote for a presidential election, which it needs according to the statutes.

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After the untimely end of the evening, Dietrich was escorted out by bodyguards - leaving behind the image of a divided club whose different camps are no longer even connected through the internet. For some, Dietrich was the maker, uncomfortable perhaps, but full of energy - for others, a vain ruler, who had concentrated in old doer-think too much power at the former sports director Michael Reschke and his connections to the company Quattrex, the credits to football clubs forgives, did not really make it plausible.

It is still unclear how it will continue with this club, which seeks not only a CEO, but now also a president. Emotionally, after all, Dietrich now turns out to be a spoilsport, which is why they hope for a similar story at VfB as in the relegation in 2016. At that time, sports director Jan Schindelmeiser and coach Hannes Wolf were considered sufficiently creditworthy by the Fanvolk, as well as sports director Thomas Hitzlsperger, sports director Sven Mislintat and coach Tim Walter. When Hitzlsperger came to the microphone on Sunday, he got ovations before he even said a word.

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