News : Reyes Estévez smashes the 1500 M40 Spanish Record

News : Reyes Estévez smashes the 1500 M40 Spanish Record

Reyes Estévez returns to the fray with a new Spanish record of 1500 in the master category 40

The one from Cornellà continues to leave us speechless with each performance since he decided to put his shoes back on after years of inactivity. On the way to 45 years, the mid-distance laureate adds a new badge to his record, setting the Spanish record of 1500 meters in the M40 category with a time of 3:51:53 in a control held at the Palau Sant Jordi.

Thus, he surpasses the previous record of José Antonio Alcaraz (3: 54.67) who resisted him when he resumed contact with the tartan in January of this year. Curiously, the time achieved is lower than the Spanish record in the outdoor category, with which an athlete of his age had never run at that speed in the 1500 meters before. For this he had hares of real luxury. The Cuatrocentista Pau Fradera and the midfielder Marc Alcalá who took the pace of the test up to 1200 meters after passing through the 1000 at 2:37.

In the same test and after Estévez’s wake, Roger Vila (3:51:66) also stood out, placing him in sixth place in the all-time ranking in the M35 category.

This second athletic youth continues to turn the rankings upside down. The athlete puts a finishing touch to this winter season, leaving to his credit a Record of Spain M40 in the 3000 meter test on the indoor track, with an impressive 8:17:26, and a recital during the Catalan Cross Championship , which earned him third place and access to the Getafe national where he retired.

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