News : RFEF candidate wants to force players to run a marathon

News :

RFEF candidate wants to force players to run a marathon

The players of the selection could be turned work soon / EFE

It may sound mocking. Maybe I have a little bit of it, but the truth is that a pre-candidate for the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has dropped a couple of ‘bombs’ of the most interesting. Probably impossible and utopian, but the base is there. We will see what route it has. We explain ourselves. After the resignation of Iker Casillas, the only pre-candidate still in the running (beyond the current president Luis Rubiales) is Antonio Torres, former player of Sabadell and former referee for Segunda B. A character undoubtedly peculiar and with clear ideas, perhaps too clear.

Former soccer player and referee

In an interview with ‘El Confidencial’, Sánchez presented himself: “I was a professional soccer player, I played six years at Sabadell and many others at Gimnástico Mercantil. They even wanted to sign me for First National futsal. Later I was a referee in Second B, but I see myself as a player. They said that he was very technical, that he had good qualities, but I could not get to First because I was missing a sponsor"

Maradona, Spanish coach

One of the ‘bombs’ announced by this pre-candidate is, no more and no less, that if Diego Armando Maradona is chosen, he will be the coach: “I made the proposal to them and they took around a month to respond to me. The day before yesterday they told me yes, that they had verified that I have an unblemished past and that Maradona is willing to work with me. I guarantee that we will reach the final of the Qatar World Cup. ”

All players forced to run a marathon

But perhaps the most novel proposal and the one that concerns us the most is another. “I neither drink nor smoke, nor have I hit a joint in my life. What's more, I was making a mark for a half marathon here in Sabadell, what happens is that I had a fistula in ... my parts, I haven't been able to train for eight years and I've taken 20 kilos. But this is one of the reasons why I am going to make a winning Spanish team. I am an athlete, an athlete, and I am going to force all the national team players to do a marathon. They are going to come as motorcycles to the World Cup! ”

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