News : RGT Cycling, the cycling simulator that will make Zwift tremble

News :

RGT Cycling, the cycling simulator that will make Zwift tremble

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Indoor cycling and the sale of bicycle rollers continue to grow at a dizzying pace. The platform's media boom Zwift has sparked the curiosity and interest of other brands and software developers who, like RGT Cycling, they did not want to miss the commercial opportunity to get a piece of the cake.

If more than 2 years ago, the one that was coming over us with the then unknown Zwift platform already correctly anticipated you, today I do the same with the RGT Cycling simulator.

RGT Cycling: realism in its purest form.

Some will tell me that this cycling simulator is nothing new and that everyone who has tried, or continues to try, to shadow Zwift has failed.

The Tacx, Bkool or Rouvy simulators they continue to function and although with the confinement of half the world their subscribers have increased, they continue to present a practically marginal market share.

RGT Cycling it is at a similar point. Users are still rather few, but the future that I predict for the simulator is quite promising.

The beginnings are never easy and the business resources are obviously not up to those of Zwift, but the intention and the clear visualization of a path and a structure to follow, let me glimpse a development and growth that is more than interesting in the coming years. months. Below I will explain why.

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Pure realism, this is RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling vs Zwift - comparison and opinion

As I was saying, RGT Cycling perfectly responds to the simulator concept and it is that unlike what happens with Zwift, to which I rather attributed qualities of a video game, with this simulator the user can enjoy a totally real pedaling sensation.

This realism goes far beyond data monitoring or real-time interaction with other riders. As a good simulator, RGT Cycling emulates perfectly, through a sublime interface, the landscape, the views, the graphics and the roads.

It is true that the variety is still quite limited since at the moment we can only enjoy 8 tours. Mont Ventoux, Passo dello Stelvio, 8Bar Crit, Canary Wharf, Pienza, Borrego Springs, Cap de Formentor and the mythical Paterberg.

RGT Cycling I am convinced that it will continue to grow in number of users in the coming months and that interaction and dynamism will improve with the passage of time. In the simulator you can also enjoy tailor-made races, group sessions and workouts. Also, you can create your own route by importing a GPX file less than 100 kilometers. The application is in charge of simulating and creating the route with the corresponding slope in just a few minutes.

Summarizing. Zwift is more focused on the video game format and massive interaction, while RGT Cycling is oriented towards the most absolute realism.

What do I need to install RGT Cycling?

The installation and synchronization of RGT Cycling is not complicated at all. The process is very intuitive and is limited to following the steps and the predetermined indications.

As important differences and aspects to consider, it should be noted that RGT Cycling works with two different applications. On the one hand, the screen APP that only works to offer the best image quality and, on the other, the mobile application that allows us to connect and manage the different functionalities of the program. The mobile application is available for both Android and IOS.

Also comment as an important point that for its proper functioning RGT Cycling needs a potentiometer. Either through a Smart Smart Roller with integrated potentiometer or through any cycling power meter. Unlike what happens with Zwift, RGT Cycling is not able to work only with a cadence and speed sensor. A more than relative problem since in a couple of years practically everyone will be in possession of a Smart roller or a potentiometer.

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RGT also allows participation in sessions and group races

Free RGT Cycling during quarantine

You are hardly going to find a better time than the present to test what it feels like to shoot with the RGT Cycling simulator. The company expands, during confinement, its free version so that everyone has time to enjoy its high performance.

In order to have this free version you just have to register and send an email to asking for the free activation of the premium functions. Don't forget to use the same email address you used for registration. The usual price of the premium subscription to RGT Cycling is about 14 euros per month.

Alex Serban, CEO of the company based in Bucharest, is clear that in these times, indoor cycling and virtual simulators are the future of the industry.

Personally, I have already stated, on more than one occasion, that the potential of roller training should not be underestimated, as a great work tool to specifically improve sports performance.

After all, if you are going to spend so many hours on top of the roller why not try something new?

And remember, in case someone asks you in a few years, that The Broker Stock Exchange and a server were the ones who brought you, before anyone else, to the simulator.

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