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Roller covers: a very special tire

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With so much training on the roller more than one will have struck down the cover of your bicycle. Indoor cycling sessions punish the tires a lot, especially if you don't have some roller covers.

We have not gone crazy and you have read it well. Roller covers are available. Bicycle tires designed exclusively and especially for cycling on a roller.

The truth is that with the arrival of interactive and direct transmission rollers, roller tires their days seem numbered. At the commercial level, everything points to the fact that in a couple of years all the rollers that are manufactured will be with this system. The realism is infinitely superior and the arrival of interactive platforms like Zwift lets us see that the rollers and the indoor cycling It will be increasingly technical and specific.

As you can see for yourself in the post "best bicycle rollers" there are several types of rollers. Of curlers, fixation or traditional and those that I mentioned previously of direct transmission. Currently fasteners are still the best sellers and this implies that many people still need a roller cover. Next, we will provide service and response to this entire user profile.

Roller Covers: What's Special?

If you have come this far it may be from your own knowledge or because you have realized that this roller is a true tire-burning festival.

Roller covers have important differences from conventional road or MTB tires.

Roller tires are made of a more resistant and synthetic material. They usually present a practically smooth drawingThey are light and resist punctures very well (oddly enough I have even punctured on top of a roller).

These are especially durable covers. A product of this type can perfectly last 2 or 3 years with normal use. Further, roller tires are much quieter and thanks to the composition of the rubber they significantly reduce the annoying noise that many users of the roller complain about. If you roll with an MTB bicycle you will have realized that the noise with a lugged tire can be unbearable.

Buy roller cover

Although some manufacturers try to make us believe it, there are no special tires for each brand of roller. The indoor tires are all of a similar composition and you can use them whether you have a Tacx, Bkool, Elite or Cycleops roller.

If you want professional advice for buy a roller cover and you want to benefit from some of the best offers pay attention to the next point.

First of all, I would like to remind you that the most convenient way to make a roller at home is to have an old or very cheap rear wheel with the roller cover mounted. In this way of saving having to be constantly fiddling with covers and removable ones. At Amazon you have on offer road cycling wheels ideal for rolling. Some of them do not even reach 80 euros. Likewise, if you have appreciated that your rear wheel does not fit well, different wheel locks compatible with the roller are also available.

Schwalbe Inside Roller Cover

The well-known brand of tires Schwalbe offers you its Inside model so you can practice rolling without any worry. An excellent product at a more than controlled price. Get a Schwalbe inside, one of the best roller covers

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Continental Hometrainer II Roller Cover

What would road cycling be like without the continental tires? A benchmark brand in the sector that has been leading sales for years, especially in the road sector. German reliability at the best price. In this case Continental brings us with the Hometrainer II a special tire to roll.

continental cover hometrainer roller "width =" 492 "height =" 305

Michelin Dynamic Sport

Some will think that I have gone crazy including this cover in the compilation. The Michelin Dynamic Sport tire has not been specially made for roller practice but after personal use I can assure you that it works like a charm. A very interesting purchase option with a dream price.

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MTB tire for Michelin roller

If you thought that it was impossible to find a MTB roller cover you were very wrong. Michelin offers the RDuro wildrun as an excellent alternative for 26 0 29 inch wheels. Now you can roll with the MTB without having to endure a deafening noise.

MTB tire for roller "width =" 640 "height =" 419

Vittoria Zaffiro Home trainer for roller

The Vittoria roller cover could not be missing from the list. The Italian manufacturer also has one of the best-selling models in the sector here. The Vittoria Hometrainer is presented as a reliable model with excellent performance. 700 x 23 format and for road wheel.

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Tacx Roller Cover

Surely the best-selling model, but with an increasing price that makes us look for purchasing alternatives. The Tacx roller tire is very reliable and has been entirely produced by the roller company itself. A beautiful, strong and durable bluish cover. Get a Tacx roller tire.

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