News : Rudi Assauer: daughter wants to dig up his urn

News :

Rudi Assauer: daughter wants to dig up his urn

Katy Assauer has made a corresponding application to the cemetery administration, reports the "Bild". "Cremation has always categorically rejected Papa, but unfortunately I can not reverse that," she told the newspaper. The decision to cremate had met then Assauer's other daughter Bettina Michel.

In fact, there is a quote from an interview with Assauer on his 65th birthday over ten years ago. At that time he said the "Bild" newspaper, addressed to the topic of death: "I only know that I certainly prefer no fire and no Seebestattung - I do not want to burn!"

Katy Assauer now wants to ensure that the urn with the ashes of her father is reburied on the Schalke cemetery, as this was allegedly his wish. "Daddy should not be forgotten in the forest," said the 49-year-old.

Assauer's second daughter Bettina Michel had cared for her father after his Alzheimer's disease until his death. In February, the former manager of the Royal Blues was buried in Herten-Westerholt.

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