News : Rudisha wins over Kipchoge at the best 'athletic' moment of the decade

News :

Rudisha wins over Kipchoge at the best 'athletic' moment of the decade

Rudisha and his record in London, best athletic moment of the decade / IAAF

The Record of the World that David Rudisha achieved in the 800 meters The London Games 2012 has been chosen by the IAAF as the best "athletic" moment of this decade that ends (although some get puny and think otherwise) in just a few days. Two weeks ago, the world’s top body of the sport launched a survey on social and web networks so that all fans could vote and the result has left the Kenyan ahead of his compatriot Eliud Kipchoge, who achieved the World Record in marathon last 2018 in Berlin. 212 votes have taken David (1,151) to Eliud (939).

A beast of 800

Rudisha stopped the chrono in the English capital at 1:40:91 and holds the three fastest marks in the history of distance (six of the eight best). I had back then 24 years (now 31 to 32) and in recent times he has been weighed down by the continuous injuries he has suffered since 2017. It should be noted that Rudisha repeated the Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016, when he managed to cross the finish line first with a record of 1:42:15 (Curiously, he highlighted that victory in Brazil as the best moment of his career).

He does not plan to retire after Tokyo

It is the case that the Kenyan, who accumulated more than a year and a half totally stopped recently by that accumulation of injuries of which they spoke, has commented without trembling that he wants to return to the tracks once he has overcome that ordeal (and a terrible accident of car in which his life was in danger). “Before I thought about retiring after Tokyo, but after staying out for so long, I changed my thoughts. I think I'm going to retire after Paris 2024. My way of thinking has changed. In 2017 I was on the road to win the World Cup once again, and that's why I want to change things, since I've lost two years. I still have something important to do, ”he said in a recent interview with Diario As.

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