News : Rummenigge: He went from being a “grimace” to being the savior of football – that’s absurd

News : Rummenigge: He went from being a “grimace” to being the savior of football – that’s absurd

Comment: Rummenigge goes from being a “grimace” to the savior of football – that’s absurd

In the dispute over the new European Super League, Bayern’s board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge suddenly becomes the Uefa’s hope and the savior of football. A year ago, fans called him very differently. That’s absurd.

It wasn’t long ago that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was reviled by the BVB Ultras together with Fritz Keller, Rainer Koch, Dietmar Hopp and Christoph Schickhardt as “The ugly grimaces of football”.

That “grimace” is now the new hope of European football as we know it. As an advocate of what is so often criticized by fans and ultras, but still the more bearable evil compared to what is brewing in football Europe.

Or: brewed up.

In the night of Wednesday, the Super League, announced with a mighty threat, threatened to collapse again. All six English clubs (Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea FC) announced their exit, with FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid to follow.

The split in sport as a gigantic castle in the air? Wait.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge back in the Uefa executive

In the highly charged battle between the European Football Association and the original twelve renegades, Rummenigge is the face of those who are against the establishment of a Super League and for maintaining the Champions League. It’s an unexpected comeback on the international stage.

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Rummenigge was re-accepted into the football continental government on Tuesday as a substitute for the killed Juve boss Andrea Agnelli after a four-year break. Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin met the 65-year-old with open arms after the announcement of the revolt and immediately positioned him as the new antipole for the breakaway clubs from Spain, England and Italy.

“Extremely grateful,” said Ceferin to him. “You are a fantastic honorary chairman of the European Club Association,” said the Slovenian.

With its decidedly no to the Super League, FC Bayern is suddenly considered a parade club for the sincere and has received praise from many corners. England legend Gary Lineker also wrote on Twitter: “A real football club. History will look back on FC Bayern very positively.”

Rummenigge and FC Bayern as an antithesis to the Super League

This is how FC Bayern becomes the leader of the countermovement. Not for example the working-class Manchester United, not “Més que un Club” FC Barcelona and also not the club “You’ll never walk alone” worshipers from Liverpool FC resist the big money of the Super League, but the Munich with a chairman of the board, the in Germany, like perhaps no other functionary, stands for commerce, capitalism and the internationalization of football.

Out of love for football, Rummenigge feels responsible “to help European club football and Uefa that our competitive structures in Europe are preserved,” as it was heavily called. He wanted to mediate “as a mediator between Uefa and the twelve clubs”.

Rummenigge speaks out against the Super League because it would not solve the clubs’ financial problems. He doesn’t even try to hide that he’s not primarily interested in the fans.

Here, it must be recognized, at least he is sincere.

Rummenigge continues to stand for the establishment of football

A schizophrenic situation arises for passionate fans, for ultras, for traditionalists of football. One would like to thank Rummenigge for his commitment, to cheer him. At the same time, he continues to represent the sport’s political establishment like no other.

In the end, Uefa pushed through its unpopular and controversial Champions League reform parallel to the Super League, which suddenly looks like the preservation of the cultural asset of football compared to the all-changing Super League. But even that hardly corresponds to reality.

This is what makes the current “football war”, as the English press describes the charged debate almost apocalyptically, so absurd. Uefa and Fifa revile the Super League as greedy for money. That is hypocritical, but true – and provided with a remarkably ignored double standard if the associations were to look in the mirror. Hashtag #Glashaus.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is somewhere in between. The “ugly face of football”. The savior of football.

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