News : Run for the Oceans by adidas arrives in Valencia

News : Run for the Oceans by adidas arrives in Valencia

Run For The Oceans is here, one of the running initiatives involved in caring for the planet with the most global reach. It is a career that encourages changing habits and actively fighting against plastic waste.

Starting at the end, in the Run For The Oceans event, 10 plastic bottles will be recycled for every kilometer traveled by each of its participants, with the aim of reaching half a million pounds of weight in this type of highly polluting waste.


It is a sporting event consisting of a race, either face-to-face or virtual, in which it is intended not only to recycle waste plastic, but to make both participants and spectators aware that it is possible to actively collaborate in the ecological fight against climate change .

Run For The Oceans There are two ways to participate:

The first is to do it in person in Valencia, running a 5k on June 5. In this link you can select the option to run in this important city focused on running. And doing it, also, next to the Mediterranean Sea, which gives an extra motivation to solidarity action. It would be, as I said, a 5-kilometer race

The second option is to do it virtually, from anywhere in the world, also through this link, although in this case choose the option to download the adidas Running APP and participate in RFTO through it. Installation is simple, you have to join the ADIDAS RUNNERS Community and join the Run For The Oceans challenge. Once this is done, each kilometer traveled between May 28 and June 8 is already adding up. There is the option of running a hammer if you want, and both at once, as if you want to accumulate kilometers little by little throughout the days that the challenge lasts.

In the end, the objective of one modality or the other is that, for every kilometer registered between all the participants, adidas and Parley will clean the coastal areas, mainly, of the equivalent of 500,000 pounds of plastic weight.


This is where the collaboration between the German brand adidas and the Parley For The Oceans association appears. If most of the planet is water, much of it is contaminated by plastic waste, which also takes too long to disappear. The damage is enormous since in addition to spoiling the landscape (in reality that is the least of it), the evil lies in that it destroys the environment in general and, above all, the marine fauna in particular.

Both industrial plastics, microplastics and, above all, plastics from domestic consumption are responsible for this mess. Perhaps more like human action. And that is what it is about, not only to fix what has been destroyed, but to prevent that from happening.

Parley For The Oceans is an association that today integrates people, organizations and brands and that was born with the idea of ​​marine conservation, precisely in danger due to the action of plastics that are dumped into the sea every year and that is measured in millions tons. Parley weaves a network of collaborators, which includes those who recover the plastic, and those who process it for later recycling. In addition, in all cases it is required that these collaborators (local, each one in their area), also work under ecological and sustainable parameters.

This material, which is collected and recycled, allows it to be reused without losing its properties, so it means avoiding generating more plastic: it makes it unnecessary to manufacture virgin plastic. On average, from the moment a bottle is collected from the sea, moved, processed, crushed, transformed, manipulated and returned to form part of a shiny ecological product, maintaining 100% of its initial properties (that is, without losing anything of quality), it takes about 90 days on average.


And this is where it is possible to know how all that explained theory takes shape. There are probably those who read these letters wearing organic products, what adidas calls sustainable fashion. Yes, because it is as simple as using a running shoe that incorporates recycled material. And not only sneakers, but also pants, tracksuits, windbreakers, socks, swimsuits and bikinis, jackets …

Among them, two types of technologies stand out: Primeblue and Primegreen, different ways of treating recycled plastic, but which in the end result in a material with high technical properties.

To see concrete examples of sustainable fashion from adidas, you just have to go to your own space on the web and be amazed at the amount of sustainable product that it already offers, both Premium level and first price. And, as I said, perhaps there are already those who read this wearing ecological material without being aware of it. That is what Run For The Oceans is in charge of, to raise awareness, to show that the challenge is possible.

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