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Running and paddle, are they the perfect combination of sports?

He running It is an activity that offers many benefits for our body. It is a fairly simple physical exercise, but that encourages the improvement of aerobic endurance, as well as also benefits the entire body. That kind of sport that everyone advises to get off the seat and start getting in a progressive way. That kind of sport that hides much more than it seems with the naked eye.

Oddly enough, those who practice running with some frequency may use the benefits of this training in sports such as paddle. Complementing the racket game with the races alone or in company is a very interesting cocktail for those who want to obtain better results in their matches, since both encourage the development of different parts of the muscles, in addition to enhancing certain characteristics that are linked to The perfection.

You just have to start from a simple point to realize it. Get better results with each race, looking less tired at the end of a number of kilometers or even see that little by little the times are being cut along with fatigue, all that improves self confidence in a sensational way. And the best thing about this is that, later, it translates into greater security when facing a paddle game. You know that you can reach that difficult ball and return it with mastery, or that you will even be able to take several intense races without wanting to collapse on the ground.

That increase your security in this sport and, at the same time, even encourages it in other aspects of your daily life. We started there, but to stay at that point would be to look only at the tip of the iceberg. Running frequently, running regularly is a perfect complement to racket sports such as paddle tennis, and here we will explain why.

How running benefits your paddle performance

When it comes to seeing the influence of running on the paddle, it is easy to see the main advantages of this practice when it comes to test in racket sport. Portals like Padelzoom insist by active and passive how well both sports complement each other, and we will make the reasons clear.

Breathing improvement

One of the main benefits of running is that it is a practice that, in addition to improving our endurance, also affects the way in which we get oxygen from air. The respiratory difficulties that usually appear when practicing an intense exercise are gradually dissipating, as the training in this direction is maintained.

The more you run, more the respiratory rate is decreased in situations of effort and more the ability to get the necessary oxygen is improved. This, in sports as intense as the paddle, is crucial to maintain a good performance for longer. The lack of air is the first thing that wears out players in matches, hence it is so important to avoid it.

Enhanced reflexes, balance and coordination

Having a good physical condition is crucial to being able to perform well in a paddle game, or at least to be able to maintain the type for as long as possible. However, there are other aspects that define players who show a quality above average. It is also very important polish balance, coordination and reflexes to respond quickly and accurately at every moment of the game.

The good thing about running is that also improves them. In addition to profiling our strength and elasticity, going for a run makes these characteristics also improve, so we have better results when playing with the racket in our hands.

Greater mental strength

There's nothing like overcome the challenge of a race with more kilometers, like seeing that little by little the objectives that are being marked are exceeded, and what is better, with greater fortitude and less fatigue. All this reinforces self-confidence in a brutal way, which also gives greater mental strength, something fundamental in a paddle game, especially if there are competitions involved.

More optimism and more activity They also lead to more confidence and more security when it comes to picking up the paddle racket. Be it a pachanga or a serious game, in both cases you can work much better, you will have a clearer mind and you will move safer on the track. You need all that if you really want the scoreboard to be in your favor. First goes the mind, then everything else.

These are the main benefits obtained from running when playing paddle tennis. Combining the races to train or for leisure with the training of this racket sport is the best way to get the best out of yourself in both activities and, in passing, have a better quality of life thanks to good health and improvement of the physical condition. They are definitely a combination more than advisable in every way.

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