News : Running is more fun by posing permanent challenges

News : Running is more fun by posing permanent challenges

Contrary to what is said, running is for the brave, the very brave. Those who compete are clear about that, since there are many hours and many sacrifices that must be invested in training to prepare for the races.

However, there are many people who, year after year, join as fans of a sport that requires very little to be practiced, but that highlights like few others the meaning of the personal challenge. And, when you start running, the challenge of improving begins, until you end up competing.

The benefits of running

Sports practice is healthy and recommended for all people. The ease of runningAs something that needs little more than proper footwear, it attracts a lot of people and has many benefits.

The first of all is that Anyone you can practice running. No other practice is necessary than running and it does not need the improvement of technical gestures to do better, nor does it need other special physical skills, although, yes, it should not be carried out if you suffer from health problems.

To start running too high an investment is not required and we noticed the improvements right away. And, with the improvement of our physical condition, we feel much more active and, even, we reduce the risk of suffering from diseases. Our bones also appreciate these races, because it is scientifically proven that running makes our bones stronger.

The challenges of running

As we say, the practice of running implies an improvement that many sports do not have, since, to the extent that it is practiced regularly, resistance improves and this means that we can lengthen both race times and distances.

And, with these achievements, comes the need to achieve more and more improvements, overcome those marked improvements and generate new goals. And one of the most common is to run a half marathon, a distance of just over 21 km that may be the prelude to another important goal that many runners set themselves: to finish running a marathon.

How to prepare for a race

The preparation of a half marathon It requires, first of all, a lot of discipline and also a lot of rigor. The latter is important to objectively analyze our starting situation, our real level and our experience. Based on this, we can establish a correct training plan that can start from a year before for those who start, up to 12 or 16 weeks for people who already have a routine of running 3 or 4 times a week.

If you already have this practice, it is also recommended sign up for a test periodically to study our sensations and our level. We can start with 10-kilometer events and set a goal of running a half marathon as a prelude to a future marathon. We should not miss periodic medical check-ups to avoid risks to our health.

Other important factors

Food and break They are also very important to prepare for a long-distance event, as well as hydration at all times. Regarding rest, you have to incorporate recovery sessions. Many people combine the race with the bicycle and with the latter they incorporate sessions in which they only ride to maintain an activity and have an active rest. It is very important to plan rest days and adhere to them to the letter.

Regarding the effort in training, it is recommended start with interval training to evolve into series training. We often get obsessed with long runs and this is not the most convenient, because a more varied training will be much more motivating.

The importance of motivation

The motivation it is one of the most important factors when it comes to running. It is for this reason that the very inertia of running leads us to constantly exceed many of our limits.

To establish objectives It is the best way to motivate yourself, especially because, by overcoming them, they generate that “high” that comes with getting a challenge. Therefore, it is important to always have goals for our workouts.

Working on motivation will make our mind is ready to help our physique in races, when things get tough and we think about quitting. And everything also begins with having a discipline that makes us respect both training days and rest days.

The possibility of including the bicycle

Some brokers include the bicycle in his workouts. We have already discussed its interesting role in active rest, but it can also be of great help for aerobic training.

For this type of training, the bicycle can be of great help, with the advantage that the risk of injury is very small, even some people put it below running. In this sense, you can find out about it and decide whether to incorporate the bike into your preparation.

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