News : Running is one against itself in which (almost) the bar always wins

News :

Running is one against itself in which (almost) the bar always wins

Beer is completely complementary to running practice

Paraphrasing that mythical phrase that spread at the time in the world of football and that cited a legend like Gary Lineker (“El football It is a sport that the English invented, they play 11 against 11 and Germany always wins ”), in the world of running we could adapt the phrase for“ The sport of running is one against itself in which (almost) always wins the Pub". Go ahead that here we are not saying that running and bar are not compatible or complementary (Let's see if our friends from ‘Drinking Runners’ and ‘Beer Runners’ will come down on us). On the contrary, we defend it at all costs.

The evolution of sports de-escalation

This is just a reflection on how the situation has evolved since the ban was opened on May 2 to return to running and practicing outdoor sports. Like a herd of buffalo, we all invaded the streets. We have seen groups of teenagers Sunday at 7.30 in the morning with their bikes through the mountains, running, hiking, when many in their lives had gotten out of bed before 11 or 12 after a busy Saturday night .

We have seen novice walkers, people who had not even remotely implemented the habit of doing sports with certain frequency and throughout these weeks has maintained an amazing regularity. New ‘runners’ everywhere, on every avenue. On every walk and in every park.

The hordes have remained on the terraces

But am I the only one who has come out these days and has seen how the ‘sufflé’ has dropped a lot? On the pedestrian promenade that goes down from the urban core of my town to the beach (about two kilometers) Yesterday I saw an influx totally comparable to what it was a year ago, when the coronavirus would have seemed like a bad joke. Nothing to do with the ‘boom’ that took place weeks ago. Hordes of people, in groups, alone, in tracksuits, in shirts, of all ages and styles, descended like magnetized towards the maritime zone. Locked up in their homes for so long had caused many to take advantage of that little crack to see sunlight.

Be careful, many of those who for the first time wore sneakers, a sports shirt and comfortable pants and jogged for a while to experience what was so widespread in ‘running’ will get hooked and join the ‘community’.

But the vast majority have been gradually leaving at the same time that the terraces and bars opened (still not completely free) their doors and they refilled their beer kegs. It is a ‘battle’ that we knew we had already lost beforehand, but it was curious to see how the herd has gradually become aislados isolated groups ’again. Long life to running and long life to rods in bars and terraces!

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