News : "Running or cycling does not pose any risk"

News :

"Running or cycling does not pose any risk"

Fernando Simón has given a hopeful message

We know that it is not easy to manage. All these weeks we have been looking at how our neighboring countries did let themselves go out to do sport individually and in some time zones (depending on the cases) with envy. Heal and filthy. What harm can or can be done to me by running on my own without joining anyone? Not only in mountains or lonely roads, but in the city if we respect those minimum distances. But we have respected the vast majority of the confinement, we have focused on our treadmills, we have dusted off our exercise bikes, we have followed ‘Youtubers’ gymnasts that we never thought we would dedicate a minute of our time.

Looking forward to that ‘de-escalation’

Coinciding with this ‘de-escalation’ that has been sold to us for a few days now, the debate about going out to do outdoor sports in a controlled way has exploded. And in his appearance on Tuesday, April 21, Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, has returned to the subject and has finally left more specific phrases for hope.

"Running and cycling alone does not pose any risk, it is on the table and it is reasonable to value it. Now, if that is going to imply that several are going to get together to run, it is a very bad interpretation of how we should prevent and control this disease, ”he assured. May 11 is considered the ‘official’ date, but it could vary depending on the territory and the number of infections.

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