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Running shoes for beginners

Buying good running shoes is something quite important for the community of runners who go out to exercise every day. The more experienced they are, the more arguments they have for it. However, if they are not, it can be a bit complicated to find good shoes to start running and also be cheap.

There are people who know that there is a technical range of running shoes. He knows that this range includes all those models that incorporate to a greater or lesser extent the best materials and all the technological developments of the leading brands. And he also knows that they are rather expensive ... At this point, it should be clarified that the running shoes of technical range can be distributed in three large groups: the daily training shoes (those used in everyday life), the competition or flying shoes (those used to compete when it is thin, fine) and mixed shoes (those that are well worth training that are said to be "quality" and eventually also to compete).

On the opposite side there are people who don't know that there are specific running shoes. He hardly knows that not all shoes are more or less the same and of them, what is most striking is the brand (Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Mizuno, ASICS, Brooks, Saucony, ...) the design and / or the colors.

But by now we know that not everything is black or white, so let's attack a somewhat forgotten segment of running shoes in online media. It's those shoes that have absolutely everything (I repeat: absolutely everything) what a running shoe needs, although it is not necessarily the last of the last nor the most advanced but, neither, the most expensive.

Running shoes (second price)

They would be those shoes that we can call second price and that are ideal to start running. In fact, we could catalog this selection as the best running shoes for beginners, although it is not necessarily so. Let's see why.

They are those shoes that have a specific running sole (Waffle design, flex grooves, longitudinal line to guide the tread, durable materials) although not the most expensive. Those that have a specific running midsole (damping material, stability elements, perhaps auxiliary damping systems), although they are not the most technological. Those that have a specific upper or upper section for running (breathable mesh, lightweight, with reinforcements, fasteners and perhaps also reflective, ...) although it may not necessarily be with the most cutting-edge materials.

Many of these shoes have been accommodated in this article and visibility that they usually do not have, so we intend to increase the range of possibilities when choosing cheap running shoes. Go for it:


From the hand of New Balance comes this result 680v5. This is a well-cushioned shoe, capable of supporting runners and runners who have strong builds. The midsole is characterized by incorporating ACTEVA technology to absorb the impacts produced while running. In addition, in the heel area there is an Abzorb unit that mainly achieves similar benefits as ACTEVA but resists impacts better and longer, which is very important for most runners and runners who usually enter the heel when running. The drop that has New Balance 680v5 is 10mm, valid in a daily training shoe even having dropped 2mm from previous deliveries.

The sole has solid rubber to provide durability against wear. Generous studs will guarantee traction, while two cross streaks favor the shoe's flexibility. In the upper cut, a mesh combines heat-sealed reinforcements on the instep with other stiffer seams on both the toe and heel. The weight stays at 314 grams for the male model and 245 for the female model. The official price of New balance 680v5 is € 90 (see discounts).


To be a shoe of adjusted price, ASICS Gel-Excite 6 is quite complete. For starters, the midsole has left SpEVA® behind to now use AMPLIFOAM ™ as a tread buffer compound. It also includes a GEL ™ capsule, one of the best damping systems that exist, for greater comfort when stepping on. This capsule is no longer in the front area, but the Japanese brand focuses on the heel area, where it works well.

In the sole you can see the tacos in waffle design, built with solid rubber. Among them, two large transverse grooves in the metatarsal area will favor the flexion of the shoe. A longitudinal line that goes from the heel to the toe allows guiding the tread during the transition phase. For the heel area, AHAR + material has been used, which incorporates carbon to increase the durability of the sole.

Above, a Jacquard mesh is responsible for keeping feet comfortable, subject and ventilated. Inside it includes an Ortholite® footbed to keep your feet dry longer. Reflective elements manufactured by 3M for ASICS will collaborate in the visibility of these Gel-Excite 6, whose official price is € 80 (see discounts).


Mizuno Wave Spark 4 is a very light shoe, barely 255gr in the finish of man and 210gr in that of woman, but despite this it retains good reinforcements that make this model a good option of protection and durability with low weight. And although Mizuno considers her a shoe to start running, but that is why she spares technical resources.

Despite not having any Pébax plates, it does benefit from the Wave design of the midsole materials for structured and stable damping. The material used is nothing less than U4icX, usually used in high-end shoes, which is capable of providing soft and reactive damping.

On the bottom, in the sole, the rubber used is X10, the most resistant against wear of the Japanese brand thanks to the addition of carbon, so durability is guaranteed. Above the mesh is open and very perforated, so the breathability of Wave Spark 6 is guaranteed. The support also, since it has synthetic leather reinforcements throughout the surface, especially by the mediopie, reinforcing that important area and the toe, protecting the fingers. From behind, a buttress will stabilize the ankle at the moment of hitting the ground in each stride. DynamotionFit is the technology that takes care of taking your foot well taken at any stage of the tread. The official price of Mizuno Wave Spark 4 is € 80 (See Offers).


adidas Duramo 9 is a quality shoe, but at a tight price. In the midsole incorporates the new Cloudfoam material, leaving behind Adiprene® that Adidas has been using for decades to guarantee the damping of the tread. This Cloudfoam compound is distributed throughout the midsole and makes it a comfortable model. The drop is 9.5mm. The template uses EVA and this increases comfort a bit more.

The sole incorporates AdiWear ™ technology, which is used to combat wear in this area of ​​the shoe. It is placed in such a way that the points of greatest friction are covered. The transversal stretch marks not only facilitate the flexibility of the shoe, but also cause a slight emptying of material that results in lightening some weight to the whole. In fact, this remains at a very small 294gr in the male finish and 239gr in the female.

In the upper cut a lightweight and breathable mesh is used, built in one piece, while, on the inside, a lining helps make these Duramo shoes even more comfortable. Something remarkable is a double row of eyelets so that whoever wants more options to organize the loop. The official price of Adidas Duramo 9 is € 55. (see offers).


Nike Downshifter 9 is a shoe with a very elegant presence and soft lines. This aspect hides a shoe that is characterized by a soft cushioning and a strong grip.

The support is carried out by a breathable and lightweight mesh that hides straps inside. The cords pass through them, so that, when the runner or broker closes the loop, those straps are closed over the midfoot, holding it tightly so that it does not move inside the shoe during the tread. This mesh is very thick at the back to better hold this area, while it is more open in the area of ​​the fingers where more ventilation is demanded.

In the midsole area Phylon is used, a compound that provides a soft cushioning, very much in the Nike line, and which works on a 10mm drop. This midsole is combined with a sole with interesting features: For starters, it has a hexagon tack that allows you to drive well in any direction. Under the metatarsals it incorporates two large transverse grooves that favor flexibility during the tread. Now it is the turn of the longitudinal line that runs through the shoe from the heel to the very toe and is responsible for guiding the foot during all phases of the tread. The material used is solid rubber, a type of rubber with a good relationship between adhesion and durability. The official price of Nike Downshifter 9 is € 60. (see Offers).


New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi v2 is one of the softest shoes in terms of use of this relationship. It is thanks to the Fresh Foam technology of the midsole, where New Balance has found a great formula to obtain an effective, soft (but not “taffy”) damping, and stable, from the point of view that is used for neutral tread. Fresh Foam uses a series of ways to provide more smoothness or firmness depending on the area of ​​the foot and the pressure it will exert on the ground when it hits it when running. The drop of the midsole is 8mm.

The mesh stands out for having two distinct zones. The back, very collected on the ankle, with enough force to hold it ...; and the part of the midfoot and especially the front, with very open holes that allow great breathability to keep the feet cool. In addition, in this Fresh Foam Arishi v2 there is the circumstance that you saw very well with casual clothes, which can be taken on the way to, or returning from the training place.

The sole has a waffle design brought to the utmost expression as there are dozens of studs scattered all over it, with incisive shapes, for good traction on all types of surfaces, even if it was grounded. In the back New Balance has a piece following the entire contour since here the wear is greater and thus guarantees better durability.

This can be described as another very light shoe since it only weighs 258gr in the men's finish and 204gr in the women's finish. The official price of New balance Fresh Foam Arishi v2 is € 85 (see offers).


The Joma company, born in 1965 and today with a presence in more than 70 countries, ranks as the first national sports brand and in the top ten of the world ranking, offers us ambitious proposals such as Joma Hispalis 9, a saga is Hispalis, so Good results have given thousands of brokers who have trusted them. The new delivery is a completely renewed model that arrives with a 12mm drop and a weight of 310gr in their case and 264gr in theirs.

One of its strengths is in the midsole, which uses the Phylon compound but with two different densities (Full Dual Pulsor) so that the damping is as optimal as possible. Inside, a capsule formed by different perforated cells (Cell Cushion System) collaborates in the damping and in the response of the material to be prepared for a new stride.

In the sole we find Durability, a resistant rubber that will work on the durability of this part of the shoe. Flexo are the lines of flexion that articulate in the sole to help the movement of the foot. And there is more: Pulsor is a piece of gel that helps absorb the impact of the tread while Stabilis is a piece in TPU that joins the back of the foot with the front for a good transition of the tread.

To the upper cut, built mainly in nylon, Joma Sportech is added, an injected rubber that helps to join the different elements without having to use seams. In the heel area there is a blunt buttress that will help stabilize the ankle when it hits the ground when running. The official price of Joma Hispalis 9 is € 79.99 (see the best offers).


ASICS Patriot 10 is another good shoe to start running. One of its strengths is precisely that the sole is not very radical in terms of tacking, which will be able to be used in some other alternative activity to run, such as the gym (although its strength is the running race).

The upper part of Patriot 10 uses a resource known as two distinct zones: one occupies the entire front and fingers and the other all the midfoot and the back area. So, ahead we see an open and very breathable mesh, but soft, while in the other two the grid also ventilates, but it is stronger as elements such as the support enter here. The use of heat sealing helps reduce the possibility of friction.

In the midsole we find Amplifoam, a foam that is going to handle the cushioning at the same time that helps in the transition of the tread since it is a flexible material. The drop, or difference in heights between the heel and the forefoot is 10mm.

ASICS does not conceive it for much trot, for that there are other models, but the solid rubber of the sole will provide the necessary durability. This sole does not have a longitudinal strip as usual in ASICS. It does have the transverse stripes to also collaborate, from the sole, in the overall flexibility of the shoe.

The weight is surprisingly low, leaving this in only 263gr in the case of shoes for them and 212gr for theirs. The official price of ASICS Patriot 10 is € 60. See offers


Saucony Clarion, Men's Running Shoes, Blue (Marine / Citron 2), 43 EU

Saucony Clarion is a resulton model of the American brand, with a great bearing as a training shoe. One of the forts is found in the midsole with the use of PWRGrid +, an advanced Saucony compound and that it uses in some of its shoes, traditionally the best, until the emergence of Everun.

Today PWRGrid + is surpassed by other compounds, but it has not lost that it is 20% more cushioned than standard midsole and that provides cushioning and response during the strides that occur when running. The drop that handles this Clarion is 8mm.

Above it uses an engineering mesh for a soft but blunt grip. Breathability is guaranteed by the multitude of large openings throughout the mesh in its two front thirds. For the rear, a part or buttress is reserved that will be attached to the ankle when it hits the ground in each stride.

The toe cap is reinforced with a heat-sealed synthetic material to avoid seams, while the laces are flat and are passed through up to six eyelets leaving a seventh free to suit who sees them.

The sole is not the typical Tri-Flex as we can see other high-end models of Saucony, but it follows the same principle of arrow design that will help to drive forward. It is reinforced with solid rubber and in it we find up to five transverse grooves to improve flexibility. See offers.


Reebok Runner 3.0 is a good shoe to start running, but if it makes a difference, it is prepared for long workouts. Normally these types of shoes are not intended to be the most technical to support all types of loads, but this Runner 3.0, thanks to its midsole in pressed EVA provides a very soft cushioning.

The midsole has a layered design that helps this cushioning work. Above this part we have the upper cut, where a fully perforated mesh is observed in its outer layer to offer maximum breathability. Inside is a textile layer that provides comfort. On the toe we find a heat-sealed reinforcement to protect the fingers and avoid friction ... 2 × 1! In the middle zone, the logo ... (I was going to say "new logo" but this one, called "Delta", has been a few years, since it replaced the previous one, shaped like an antelope ...). He said the logo helps reinforce the middle area and improve support. The buttress that contains the ankle when it hits the ground when running is visible on the heel.

The sole has several zones with different designs. Thus in the lower part the metatarsals are more incisive (although large) to have better traction. In the heel the surface in contact with the ground is greater for good durability. Reebok adds a giant heel as a "pod" in case you want to swing with the shoe (also thinking about the gym, Reebok?). The official price of Reebok Runner 3.0 is € 49.95. See the best offers.

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