News : Ruth Chepngetich Half Marathon World Record in Istanbul

News : Ruth Chepngetich Half Marathon World Record in Istanbul

Chepngetich, on arrival at the finish line in Istanbul

Ruth Chepngetich has shown that she is the fittest long distance runner in the world and in the Istanbul Half Marathon, in not very favorable conditions (it rained all night on the Ottoman city), the current world marathon champion has managed to break the world record in the 21,097 meters. The Kenyan has stopped the clock at 64:02, which means lowering considerably (as much as 29 seconds) the previous world record, which was 64:31 in a mixed race and which was held by the Ethiopian Ababel Yeshaneh (in an exclusive women’s race the current record is Brigid Kosgei with 64:28) –

The Kenyan has run at a pace of 3:02 / km, constant throughout the 21 kilometers in a test that has also had the participation of thousands of popular runners, reminding us a bit of the old normality. In fact, the girls have been crossing the ‘earthly’ athletes, who stared at them open-mouthed.

Only Yehualaw endured

If in the men’s event the hares have left printing a strong rhythm that none of the top athletes has been able to follow, in the female there has been more ‘order’ and a large group of runners have been pulling at the pace of the Record of the World. Until Ruth Chepngetich and Yalemzerf Yehualaw have been in the lead. The thing was going to be between them. The pace was very good, but there was a lot left to take for granted that we were going to experience a new world record. If at km 10 there were five athletes who held out (Kosgei, Chelimo Ruth Chepngetich, Obiri and Yalemzerf Yehualaw), at km 15 there were only three and one of them, Obiri, was getting off the hook.

From that moment on he was stronger than any Ruth, who with a kilometer to go was already taking Yehualaw more than 20 seconds away. The end, tremendous, left us a marcón and a 26-year-old athlete who wants to continue making history. Behind her, Yehualaw finished with 1h04: 40 and Hellen Obiri, in his debut, 1h04: 51 closing a historic podium.

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