News : Santiago runs with another number in Dresden and achieves a Honduras Record

News : Santiago runs with another number in Dresden and achieves a Honduras Record

Camilo Santiago, in an archive image in Valencia

The athlete himself has explained it in a long Twitter thread. Camilo Santiago I was initially going to play a hare in the test that was held last weekend in Dresden and which consisted of a 10k, a half marathon and a marathon. The Riojan was going to play mainly the hare of the Honduran Iván Zarco. An agreement they had had for a long time. As Camilo himself explains, “For some time I agreed to play the hare. Iván was not clear about competing because he has plantar fasciitis, having everything closed, travel, hotel, dorsal and others, we decided to travel. I have another goal on April 11 and it is good for me to do a test and put on a bib“. So far, good. Camilo decides that since he has the number and there is a test underway he wants to test and as far as he goes.

Your dorsal disappears

The problem comes later: “The problem happens when dfter warming up, my bag with racing clothing with race bib and more material disappears from the park where we left it. At that moment my nerves invade me and it is Iván who tells me let’s talk to the organization and runs with my bib since he would not finally run due to the annoyance of the fascia. We talk to the organization and they give us the ok. We have already claimed that result in the official classification ”.

National record

Why all the fuss? Well, because as our colleagues from ‘SoyCorredor’ have taken, it turns out that the record with which the Spanish athlete finished (2:17:46) became the National Record of Honduras. And the organization did not respond to that claim for change and it turns out that this official number 450 with the name of Iván Zarco transcended as the national record of the Central American country.

“Maybe my mistake was finishing the marathon and I should have stopped earlier, maybe. Maybe my mistake was running with another number, maybe. Maybe my mistake was being naive, maybe. But those of you who know me know that there is no bad intention in all this. And just the illusion of being able to compete and after the trip and so on, I didn’t think about the consequences. I just put on his clothes and bib number because my bag … Disappeared 30 ′ from the exit. In any case, I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused, and I am learning a new lesson ”, clarified Camilo Santiago, visibly hurried by all the commotion. Without a doubt, everything will remain as a curious anecdote.

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