News : Schalke 04: Which secret group does Ralf Rangnick want to bring back? – Sports

News : Schalke 04: Which secret group does Ralf Rangnick want to bring back? – Sports

The so-called secret group that advised the supervisory board of the designated Bundesliga relegated Schalke 04 the possible return of Ralf Rangnick is basically not that secret. Friends and sponsors as well as former employees, players and officials of the club got together in this round because they thought their club needed help. From this conviction they took action, and now the Schalke audience is wondering whether they deserve a Royal Blue Order of Merit or whether the coalition is pursuing an agenda on its own behalf. Jens Buchta, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, expressed this impression on behalf of the elected club representatives. He considers the “illegitimate” actions of the outside group to be, at least in part, “damaging to the association”.

It was less about making contact with Ralf Rangnick than about other activities in the territory of the club’s management. Buchta had in SZ-Interview reports that representatives of the group had approached active club sponsors and at least in one case asked them to put pressure on the club and stir up uncertainty. Jens Buchta, whose integrity is also recognized by his critics, was seriously appalled by this.

Rangnick, it is said, is not fixated on elitist success or a huge budget

Members of the anonymous alliance were also shocked by the allegation of sabotage. They therefore researched whether such subversive approaches to donors of the association had taken place within their own ranks. Result: The Stölting company mentioned by Buchta, a personnel service company from Gelsenkirchen, is out of the question as a complainant – it is itself part of the “secret society”. In another case, there should actually have been such activities – but through middlemen from another interest group that is active in the background of the Gelsenkirchen club. The men in question, former Schalke professionals, allegedly have a prominent name. They are said to belong to the entourage of a financially strong long-time club member who allegedly had already called on Jochen Schneider, who is now on permanent leave, to offer his help. He is said to have promised to bring national player Julian Draxler back to Schalke.

One might think that things are gradually becoming opaque around Schalke 04, and that the club’s reputation will suffer even more as a result – and it is well known that it was not the best before. Everywhere in the country Schalke is now again stuck the label “Chaos Club”. The support group has recognized the signs of the times and plans to emerge from the dubious corner. She wants to introduce herself at a press conference in Essen on Wednesday. image reported that among others the ’97 European Cup winner alias Eurofighter Ingo Anderbrügge and the media entrepreneur Bernd Grabosch (“Brainpool”) are among them.

In advance, Ralf Rangnicks manager Marc Kosicke had already done a little rescue of honor for the supposed conspirators. In an interview with Sport 1 reported the boss of the agency “Projekt B”, which looks after several other Bundesliga coaches besides Jürgen Klopp, that Rangnick was approached by a group of “very passionate Schalke players”. When asked whether he could imagine a third engagement in Gelsenkirchen, Rangnick did not answer in principle in the negative. Kosicke also referred to the interest of his client in the position of national coach, which will soon become vacant. The DFB has been keeping a low profile on this so far. “If the whole Schalke 04 club is definitely behind Ralf Rangnick and really wants him, while the DFB is only half enthusiastic, then Ralf is more interested in the subject where you have the most support,” said Kosicke. Incidentally, Rangnick should be informed about the tight financial shackles that will be on the club’s inevitable second division year.

What should not be underestimated: Rangnick is, as connoisseurs say, by no means fixated on success at elite heights and a corresponding budget. He would like to feel real football life and the sympathy of the fans – and maybe run a lap of honor through the fully occupied Gelsenkirchen Arena to applause, as he did in December 2005. With the result that Rudi Assauer promptly put him in front of the door because the lap of honor was not to, rather in front the game took place. This had been Rangnick’s way of thanking the fans for the encouragement after Schalke had denied the contract extension and announced the separation next summer. After the lap of honor, Assauer preferred to divorce six months.

Rangnick still has a big name among the long-suffering Schalke fans. Almost 50,000 fans have joined a petition opened over the weekend in favor of the former coach. “Ralf feels touched there. He always had a blue and white heart and was said goodbye to Schalke very emotionally,” said Kosicke.

Apparently everyone can agree on the name Rangnick as a guarantor of better future prospects at the moment. The incumbent officials around the lawyer Buchta, who watches over the correct procedures – and the activists who set out on their own to rescue Schalke. Something similar can be heard from those familiar with the business who look at the confusion in Gelsenkirchen without feeling very excited.

Ralf Rangnick would be the best solution Schalke could dream of, they say on the other side of the Rhine-Herne Canal. Club legend Gerald Asamoah, who was promoted to “coordinator of the licensed player department” in the course of the latest personnel reform, would also like to welcome the old boss again, as he announced on Tuesday: “We had a great time and played successful football”.

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