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Schalke boss Tönnies temporarily leaves office - sports

  • The Schalke club leader Clemens Tönnies leaves his office after his racist criticized remarks for three months rest.
  • This has decided the honorary council of the association after a several-hour meeting.
  • To get an exclusion from the club, the 63-year-old comes around.

Club boss Clemens Tönnies from Bundesliga side FC Schalke 04 will resign from his verbal derailment last Thursday as Chairman of the Supervisory Board for three months. This was announced by the club after several hours of honorary council. To an exclusion from the club came the 63-year-old thus around.

The five-member panel concluded that the allegation of racism was "unfounded". He was accused, however, of having "violated the prohibition of discrimination enshrined in the articles of association and the mission statement." In paragraph 8 we read: "We Schalke do not discriminate or commit violence, we show racism the red card and we actively promote tolerance and fairness."

Tönnies had "again expressed his regret," it said in a statement. He would leave his office for three months and then resume his duties on the Supervisory Board.

Bundesliga It will be tight for Tönnies

Racism debate at Schalke 04

It will be tight for Tönnies

His racist remarks might cost the Schalke boss his job on Tuesday. The honorary council decides on its future - the public pressure is great.By Jonas Beckenkamp

Tönnies gave a speech on the topic "Entrepreneurship with Responsibility - Paths to the Future of Food Production" last Thursday at the celebration of the "Day of Crafts" in Paderborn. The Schalke boss recommended the financing of power plants in Africa and said: "Then Africans would stop cutting down trees and they will stop producing children when it's dark." There was a public apology from Tönnies last Friday, yet there was strong criticism of the billionaire entrepreneur.

Former Schalke pro Asamoah "speechless"

The outcry of indignation after the statements of Tönnies, who leads in his Westphalian home Rheda-Wiedenbrück a company empire with 16 500 employees and his private assets of Forbes was estimated at around 2.2 billion euros, was huge.

Even with the German Football Association (DFB) prevailed bewilderment. "The scornful words shocked me, and the longer I think about it, the more unimaginable it becomes that a man speaks his position and his experience in such a generalizing and derogatory way about the population of an entire continent," the DFB integration commissioner Cacau had said.

That's also why the former Schalke Bundesliga professional Gerald Asamoah, still working for the club in various capacities, reacted with great consternation. The 43-time national player on Instagram wrote: "I've been working with Clemens Tönnies for a long time, and we've been close friends for a long time, he never treated me racially, and I was very surprised by his statement shocked and hurt too. "

At the same time, the meat-maker had received support from sports and politics after his verbal failure. "I have always met him as an honest and very socially committed person, as one who cares only about how a person behaves and not where he comes from," former coach Otto Rehhagel told Spark media. Schalke's longtime coach Huub Stevens also stood behind the Schalke boss: "Anyone who knows him, who has worked with him for a long time, knows that Clemens likes people as they are - completely independent of skin color, origin or religion."

Bundesliga Easily pushed away by nobody

Easy to move away from nobody

Schalkes Ehrenrat decides on the future of his supervisory board chairman. Tönnies and Schalke - that was a complicated story even before his racist remarks.By Hans Leyendecker

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