News : Scullion, the marathoner of 2:09 and 110 kilos that will be in the Tokyo Games

News : Scullion, the marathoner of 2:09 and 110 kilos that will be in the Tokyo Games

Stephen Scullion, the Irishman of 2:09 in marathon and 110 kilos / Dublin Marathon

There are stories that really make us reflect. It is very, very difficult to complete a marathon in less than two hours and 10 minutes. Something within the reach of very few. Many train hard day by day for years and never make it. Not only does it require iron discipline and proper training, not even being advised by the best. Luck also comes into play (not having a bad day, being fine and everything going well on D-Day and H-Hour), talent. With this either you are born or you are not born. Anyway, all this comes from the history of the Northern Irishman (with Irish nationality, since people born in Northern Ireland can choose between this and the British) Stephen Scullion.

Scullion, With more appearance of a rugby player than anything else (he measures more than 1.90 meters and weighs 110 kilos), he has, eye to the data, 2:09:49 in marathon and 61:12 in the average. That 2:09:49 achieved in the last London Marathon (yes, the one with Eliud Kipchoge’s ‘backfire’ that was played in a format of several laps in a park). Known for his activity on social networks and for never biting his tongue, Stephen went through a dark time a few months ago that he did not want to hide and that he has made viral by exposing it to everyone.

Sober since Christmas

In fact, in April, he made a totally unusual tweet for an elite athlete. With a bit of British humor: “Sober since last Christmas. I have not ‘tried’ yet, the bars have reopened. Go”. And it is that in an interview offered to the ‘Irishi Times’ recently Scullion narrates a significant episode: “I went home for Christmas around December 17th and woke up in this room, curiously, to my own vomit, I had drunk too much and had thrown up all over the bed. “.

Undoubtedly, something we hardly ever hear among elite marathoners (barely a couple of months have passed since he achieved that mark in London). But Stephen says it is something that has been dragging on for a long time. “TI ended up booking a flight back to England the next day, so I didn’t even stay home for Christmas. Because I practically didn’t trust myself to stay and not drink again. And I had seen that Anthony Hopkins video where he was out of drinking for over 40 years. ” A video that the winner of two Oscars recently posted to ‘commemorate’ that event after having serious problems with drinking.

Best Irish Marathoner Ever

Scullion will be at the Sapporo starting line next August if there is no inclement in the form of injury or fatality. He acknowledges that he does not have a drinking problem, it is not that he is constantly drinking (it would be unthinkable to make these marks by drinking daily). “Honestly, it’s not like I have a drinking problem. The problem was greed, I just got to the point where when I drank, I had this problem where I normally handled it well at the time, but I didn’t know how to stop myself “.

The Northern Ireland Sports Institute put him in touch with a sports psychiatrist and, in addition to discussing his issues with the psychiatrist, Scullion started antidepressant treatment as soon as the London Marathon was over. Stephen, who admits he was still smoking in 2017, is now 32 years old and he feels that his career can be relaunched. He is the Irish marathoner qualified for the Games with the best mark (that mentioned 2:09:49). In London he improved his previous personal best by more than two minutes. In addition, it is the best mark of an Irishman in a marathon in all history. Almost nothing.

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