News : Sebastian Vettel: Two penalties, one crash – Aston Martin debut turns into a fiasco

News : Sebastian Vettel: Two penalties, one crash – Aston Martin debut turns into a fiasco

One crash, two penalties, five penalty points: Vettel’s Aston Martin debut is a total fiasco

A botched Formula 1 start for Sebastian Vettel. The ex-world champion received two penalties and five penalty points on his Aston Martin debut in Bahrain. The negative climax is his collision with Esteban Ocon, for which Vettel apologizes. Conclusion: Can only get better.

The good news: Sebastian Vettel scored five points on his debut for Aston Martin. The bad news: There were five penalty points. After his penalty transfer to last place on the grid, the race in Bahrain was not very satisfactory for the German either. At the finish he ended up in 15th place far behind the points.

“It was a difficult race,” summarized Vettel. After his penalty, Aston Martin had to take risks and sent him into the race on a one-stop strategy. That seemed to work at first. Vettel had a strong first lap and quickly found himself in 14th place.

Vettel collides with Ocon – and apologizes

But then the descent began. Vettel had to take some pace out to get the one-stop strategy to work. “The strategy involved us in a lot of duels that ultimately took a lot of time.” In addition, Vettel caught a brake plate on the first lap. “Of course that didn’t help either,” he says.

After his only pit stop on lap 24, according to his own statement, it seemed “not bad at all” for him, “but then we ran out of air again when it came to the tires,” he explains. “But we had to take the risk.”

The negative climax was to follow just a few laps before the end, when Vettel collided with Esteban Ocon (Alpine) in turn 1. The Frenchman passed the Aston Martin on the start-finish straight, but when braking, it suddenly slammed into his rear.

“There is not much to say. I thought he would stay on the right, but then came back on the left,” describes Vettel from his point of view. “And when I was right behind him, of course, I had no more downforce and then I just hit him. That wasn’t great for both of our races.” Afterwards, Vettel apologized to Ocon.

Vettel gets a time penalty and penalty points

For the mistake, the German received a time penalty of ten seconds and two penalty points. Together with his three penalty points for ignoring the yellow flags in qualifying, he has collected five this weekend – not a single one in the preseason.

In the end he was rated 15th, but even without the incident it wouldn’t have been much better: “I don’t think points were realistic,” he says. Teammate Lance Stroll brought in at least one of them – too little for the demands of the racing team.

Vettel is trying to take something positive from Bahrain: “I think we have learned a lot and know where we can improve.”

This article was written by Norman Fischer

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