News : See what an example in the seventh month of pregnancy

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See what an example in the seventh month of pregnancy

Clara Simal, former Spanish marathon champion, continues exercising, running smoothly, riding the elliptical, lifting weights or doing lumbar

If you ever think that a thing is crazy, think that you are still wrong. The world is too big.

If you ever imagined that it is impossible for a woman, who has been pregnant for seven months, can keep running smoothly, getting on the elliptical, doing lumbar or lifting weights Remember that not everyone thinks like us.

And that is what I intend to tell this time.

Everything is due to a video of more than a minute that happened to me on WhatsApp the other day. It appears that woman who has been pregnant for seven months playing sports with a naturalness that explains happiness. This is Clara Simal (Madrid, 1987), the same woman who was champion of Spain marathon.

The same woman I met last on the Sunday of the April 28 elections. I remember that she went to vote and I accompanied my father to vote at the same polling station in the Chamartín district of Madrid.

She recognized me:

-You are Alfredo?

He also congratulated me on the athletic articles he wrote and always passed Sergio Fernández Infestas in the huge WhatsApp group they shared.

But above all he told me something more important. I was pregnant now. That he had stopped training. That this break had been good for him after the immense setback he lived in the Berlin European marathon. A break from soleo, which was like a mechanical failure, kidnapped his aspirations.

It didn't matter that Clara had prepared herself like never before. That he had demonstrated that he can train to the maximum by working 40 hours a week, leaving some days at eight in the afternoon to work. Nor did it matter that he had left nothing to chance according to that idea of ​​his that is printed in his character or in his architect's curriculum. "Effort is what motivates me to find success."

But the marathon, beautiful but dangerous ocean, had no heart this time. It didn't matter that she had never retired. It didn't matter that he remembered the obstacle he was and it didn't matter that until km 30 he thought he could do the 12, which he lacked, at any rate.

It had to be her husband to convince her that she could not end up walking, that "it is not your fault, Clara" and that "you are no less brave to retire."

This was later radiographed by her social networks, in which we again understood that in sport not everything is happiness and that sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you hit, but how hard they can hit you.

Clara Simal in the marathon of the Berlin European Championship

It was the teaching that Clara Simal left us in that marathon, the athlete who so often moved us by jumping obstacles.

In what could have been the marathon of his life he ended up limping but not crying, hugging his mother: what a shame, what anger or the two things together.

He only asked for justice for so many hard days of training. May the body accompany her and help her. But it could not be.

Then he understood that God squeezes but does not drown. That these things happen.

The day I saw her again, eight months had passed and she reminded me of it. "It was a very hard blow what happened to me in Berlin."

Runner-up of Spain in Seville 2018 with 2h 33:10

But his face was already more shocking than the bad memory. Clara Simal's face pointed to happiness and granted all possible permission to the word desire.

Yesterday, when I received that WhatsApp, I remembered that day again. The difference is that that report from Antena 3, which recognized a former Spanish marathon champion in the seventh month of pregnancy, has prompted me to write this time.

Sometimes, a report like that is a lesson. And almost always a picture is worth a thousand words. Moreover, everything you can write is in these images, where she even appears lifting weights to keep the muscle active, so that the blood runs better, so that the baby does not lack air.

Because it is also possible to exercise in the seventh month of pregnancy. Here is the proof: Clara Simal.

With this I do not intend to sentence anything or forget that each pregnancy is a different story. We are nobody to tell others what they should do.

But if journalism consists in telling different stories, this seems to me to be one of them. We cannot give up applauding the companions of Antena 3 who pointed the way, who brought the cameras closer to the place where Clara Simal was playing sports.

Many years ago I was shocked when I read that Ingrid Kristiansen had beaten in 1985 the world record of the marathon in London (2 hours, 21m) three months pregnant. So I didn't read any doctor who approved that by now.

But this time we talked about something else in a much more advanced time of pregnancy: sports health. To those who find it impossible Clara Simal shows that it is not impossible.

I could have talked to her this time, but I prefer to wait, because there will be more opportunities. Not long ago I read an interview, which they did, in which he said that, if he qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, he would be tattooed on his forehead.

And, although now it seems very premature, although it seems that the idea borders on the border of the impossible, who knows.

She doesn't even know, maybe.

And, whatever it is, when the Olympics arrive, be classified or not classified, at home you will have a third person to share the most important thing in this story: life.

Apart from that, Clara Simal already understood in Berlin that in sports there is almost no blow deep enough Forcing us to give up.

That much of what happens to us is in the head and that, if we can tell stories like the latter, we should not only rejoice. We can also send her a hug from a distance and wish her luck.

Good luck, Clara, and everything goes well.

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