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Seegg Apparel cycling clothing. Summer collection

Seegg apparel cycling summer outfit

If the number of athletes who dare with cycling does not stop growing, neither does the number of brands of clothing and accessories.

This time I bring you the summer collection of the French brand Seegg Apparel. A manufacturer that is in full expansion and that in French territory already has an interesting market share.

Despite its short history, Seegg Apparel is a brand that is very clear about its priorities. The French want to offer a eye-catching quality product and with a slightly different touch than that suggested by the major reference brands. Seegg is illusion, impudence and commercial daring. A brand that at the moment is not physically marketed in Spain but that can be acquired throughout Europe through its website.

Precisely with the intention of showing itself as a close and friendly brand They offer free shipping to all Europe of those orders that exceed 100 euros.

On its website you can find all its available catalog. The designs are really pretty and the aesthetics and colors of its garments fit perfectly with current cycling fashion. Let's go with a review of the most interesting of its new summer 2020 collection.

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A slim, breathable design.

Summer set. Leotard, culotte and socks

For this first test we have opted in collaboration with Seegg Apparel for the “J’ai un point de cote” kit. A summer outfit made up of a jersey, culotte and socks.

The truth is that choosing a outfit was not an easy task. Its product catalog is quite wide and the diversity of designs and prints It is clearly one of the brand's strengths.

The set that is offered for both men and women has small details that make the difference. Both the jersey and culotte have an original and modern design and that with a pretty snug fit fits perfectly with current fashion.

The aerodynamic cut adapts perfectly to the male morphology offering a exceptional comfort. In addition, the jersey has a kind of mesh made with breathable fabric that perfectly wicks sweat from armpits.

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Variety of colors and designs is one of Seegg Apparel's strengths

The jersey also clearly features a aero aesthetics since the back pockets are very tight and the arm sleeves are quite long. The zipper works well and just a little skill is enough to open the jersey when heat intensifies in a mountain pass. A perfect jersey for intense recreational practice and for the highest competition.

In addition, as is usual in most manufacturers, Seegg has also chosen to incorporate reflective details at different strategic points in the set. With this kit you will be more visible compared to other vehicles.

Regarding the culotte the dynamics are very similar. fit slim, I would say that microcomporesivo, that adjusts very well to the body of the athlete without generating any type of discomfort. Elastic straps They guarantee a good support at the top and the chamois has good breathability and absorbency. As for the padding I can say that I have made a departure of more than 4 hours without any problem. As you can see in the following link the price of the set is 199 euros.

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The brand takes care of each and every little detail

For their part, the socks also fit perfectly with the current trend. High-waisted, elastic and quite tight socks. The black color is perfect to combine with any type of equipment.

In short, we are facing an emerging brand, which has its great value proposition in elegant designs and which takes care of each and every one of the small details that may condition the satisfaction of its customers.

Seegg Apparel is elegance and comfort, but above all it is predisposition towards constant improvement. Few brands have seen so much involvement in their development process and with such a clear corporate objective. In the words of its founder "Our goal is to find the perfect set" All these skills added to the technicality of its garments (most of them Italian) make me predict a promising future for the French brand.

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