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Series A: Gigi Buffon returns to Juventus - Sport

  • Gianlugi Buffon was on assembly in Paris, now he returns to Juventus.
  • Most likely, he will even be a Serie A record player at the end of the season.
  • Part of the fans is teasing: Will Dino Zoff be hired as a reserve for Buffon?

Gigi is back, radiant as ever. In bright red trousers and white linen shirt the goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon appears on Thursday morning at 8.30 clock at Juventus, half an hour before the appointment at the club doctor. Time enough to make the 150 fans in front of the gate happy with selfies and autographs. Gigi is back, back after a year-long lap of honor at Paris St. Germain.

"The only rule for the journey is that you do not come back the way you left," he wrote on Twitter. In this respect, Paris was for Buffon course worth a trip, not to mention that his 17 appearances at PSG under the German coach Thomas Tuchel with allegedly five million euros net royalties were truly princely rewarded.

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In France, too, Buffon gave the gigi, serious and casual at the same time, as befits a 41-year-old family man (three sons). He has won a championship with Paris, but has not come as far as planned in the Champions League. In the second round was already over, against Manchester United, and in the fatal 1: 3 in the second leg, the goalkeeper from Italy was not entirely innocent.

The Turin fans are divided, as befits fans

Swam over it! It is most beautiful at home anyway, and home is Italy - anyway for one who was Captain of the Squadra Azzurra and the Juve for half an eternity. In addition, Buffon's children go to school here, his wife has as a football star reporter on television also not a bad job. A year ago, when Juve-Boss and Duzfreund Andrea Agnelli did not want to extend Buffon's contract, there were tears at parting. The goalkeeper just wanted to play a season, Agnelli but instead of the godfather of his youngest daughter rather see the Polish Wojciech Szczesny with the number 1 in goal. Buffon could not stay a year ago because his mere presence would have sparked a long-running debate over Szczesny.

Now everything seems to be completely different. Szczesny has found his place, and Buffon has to look for a different jersey number as reserve goalkeeper. The Turin fans are divided, as befits fans. Some are happy that a family member is back after an assembly mission abroad. The others are teasing that Dino Zoff may also be hired as a reserve for Buffon. Zoff, 77, does not bother to deny that.

On Twitter Buffon quoted the German theologian Dorothée Sölle. When asked about the reporter's question about how lucky a child was, Sölle replied, "Not at all, I would give him a ball and let him play."

Juve would also like to have Paul Pogba back

Whether as the number one or number two, the big kid Gigi is meanwhile no matter. The main thing is, he can gush with Cristiano Ronaldo, Juve's star striker, and maybe again with the French world champion Paul Pogba (Manchester United), the Juve also like to bring back (not to mention that Buffon for so lucky also 1.5 million Euro is received net). Most likely, Buffon will be the Serie A record man at the end of the season, overtaking former holder Paolo Maldini (647 appearances). Buffon is already at 640.

But first it goes to Asia, to the Juve tour. Singapore, South Korea, everything really far away, but they are already waiting for him. Gigi has already revealed which books are in his luggage: stories by Jonathan Coe and Osvaldo Soriano - and thrillers by Fred Vargas and Gianrico Carofiglio. You can also read it on the bench in case of need.

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