News : Seven things that are only socially accepted before a marathon

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Seven things that are only socially accepted before a marathon

Runners pissing before a marathon in China

In the global framework of society there are certain acts, behaviors, which are not well seen. Well because they are unpleasant or because their nature is a bit out of the script or the canons of what is considered correct by most people (some even within the framework of legality). But friends, there are situations in which what is right, said in an almost ordinary way, brings us to the pairo.

And one of them is undoubtedly the preparation of the marathon and the previous moments. Many emotions to the surface, too many things in the head, nerves and that bubbling in the stomach that makes us act almost irrationally. And in these circumstances we may act in a way that would shame us in our day-to-day lives. Socially accepted things in the context of our 42-kilometer friend.

Seven particularities (or espepentos):

  1. The ‘urine of the runner’ in unexpected places:

We are not going to promulgate this practice, but there are still careers with a clear deficit of portable toilets and a line of a thousand demons is formed. That is why (especially men) we choose to urinate somewhere a little hidden to get rid of those previous nerves and the desire to piss that incomprehensibly enter us when maybe half an hour ago we just did it. Bad praxis, but we are not shocked when we see it in the moments before the marathon.

two. Compression socks

When we run sometimes we don't realize it, but we have the most grotesque pints. And one of those accessories that we would never wear in our day to day, but to run are compression socks. You know perfectly well that someone is going to compete when you wear them. They are usually accompanied by singing colors that still make us stand out more in the subway on the way to the exit. They don't understand it, but your twins are well compressed and are full to "fly."

3. Sit when and where you feel like it

As if it were a popular sit-in, in the moments before the races we very often "leverage" where we can. Faced with the ‘tralla’ that comes to us, we do not want to spend more energy than necessary and in that endless hour before the good start is a curb or even the same road to rest legs.

  1. Cover our body with the famous ‘tape’

Another habitual practice of marathoners within that ‘psychosis’ that usually reigns in the prolegomena of the races, is to notice discomfort in any part of the body before facing the big day. That is why it is not uncommon to cover the body of the famous tape ‘tape’ or with the famous ‘kinesiotaping’ (those colored strips that are located in certain muscles).

  1. Copy the ‘outfit’ of our rivals so as not to clash

Surely it is one of the details we take care of when facing a marathon (or any race). Our ‘outfit’ is essential, we have to go magnificently together for that photo that will be done in full work and to be able to proudly lift the chin in those moments of prior intimidation (read it all with a little sneer, of course).

  1. Use all recovery and download tools available and for having

Continuing with those neuros and that ‘psychosis’ that enters us before the marathon, another of the habits that we usually have is to use all the tools we have and because we have our reach to arrive unloaded and in the best possible physical conditions. Electro-discharge, discharge rollers, massagers, etc. We skimp on expenses to get to the top of D-Day.

  1. Eat in the most boring way in the world

It is not uncommon to see a marathoner eat the most monotonous and boring foods in the world. Pasta, hydrates, pasta, hydrates and so on for six, seven, eight or ten agapes. You get bored and hate hydrates, but you have to eat mountains and mountains because "it is recommended."

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