News : Shall we go around? 🌍Green Run 10K Target (05/24)

News :

Shall we go around? 🌍Green Run 10K Target (05/24)

Earth will go 366 laps in 2020. One every 24 hours, natural. It is also natural to eat when you are hungry, it is natural to sleep when you are sleepy, it is natural to love when you are in love, and it is natural to run when you go out into the street….

Get out of the house, start running, keep running and end up at home again. Faster on this section, slower on this other, smaller steps on the climb, letting ourselves go on the descents ... Running is often like swinging, like jumping down a slide. Breathing, pulsations, sensations, we let ourselves go naturally.

But Running is just running !, although for us who are very hooked, precisely in complicated situations like this it is when we feel best running, when we need to sweat the most and free our minds.

That is why we propose that you join this planetary challenge: together cover the distance of the circumference of the Earth, 40,075 km, next Sunday May 24 participating in the GREEN RUN 10km.

In the absence of 4 days and with almost 4,000 runners of 40 nationalities we are close to achieving it. Now all that's left is to go out and run the first test of the #RainbowVirtualSeries , the circuit seven free virtual races that will help us keep our motivation to the maximum throughout 2020. A colorful, natural and hopeful challenge.

"Many small people in small places doing small things can change the world". Eduardo Galeano.

Rainbow Virtual Series Calendar:

  • GreenRun(10km, 05/24)
  • IndigoRun(10km, 06/21)
  • VioletRun(5km, 07/05)
  • BlueRun(5km, 08/30)
  • YellowRun(10km, 09/27)
  • OrangeRun(1/2 Marathon, 10/18)
  • RedRun (Marathon, 11/22).

How does it work?

  1. Register your free registration here
  2. Receive your bib number for all the tests of the 2020 circuit along with a participant guide (To participate and score in the circuit it is NOT necessary to carry out all the races)
  3. Complete the distance of the race in your favorite training place, on the treadmill or in the hallway of your house.
  4. Upload your result (the time spent covering the distance) within 48 hours after the race date.

I know will establish results with the following categories: individual classification of each test and general classification of the circuit by sex and age groups.

Also I know will reward participation with many surprises: raffles of exclusive material, contests, games. Fun is guaranteed!

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