News : She got on with Trump: From US star Rapinoe should learn the men's football

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She got on with Trump: From US star Rapinoe should learn the men's football

There she stands, confident, with purple-colored hair and mirrored sunglasses: Megan Rapinoe. Everything about the US co-captain's appearance on this day celebrating the World Cup title in New York is a demonstration of her social and political awareness.

"We must love more, hate less, listen more, talk less, that's our responsibility, our responsibility to make the world a better place," she calls to the masses in front of the New York City Hall. She concludes her memorable speech with the words: "Be more, be greater, be better."

Rapinoe stands loud against President Trump

It would probably blame Rapinoe no one, if they would keep rather covered in the current social climate of their country. With Donald Trump, a president sits in the White House, making no secret of his disparaging views on women and minorities, and for whom the gay Rapinoe is the counterpart to the idea of ​​his white, elite America. For Rapinoe this is no reason to be quieter - on the contrary. Instead, she raises her voice, is loud, politically uncomfortable and critical.

The American woman stands up against the most powerful man in the world and takes him to account for his policies, as in the television interview with the American broadcaster CNN: "Your message is bordering people, you are limiting me, you are excluding people who what I look like, they are colorful people, you are bordering Americans who may be supporting you. "

But Rapinoe's displeasure is not only directed to the White House, but even before her own association she does not stop, by vehemently on the equalization of salaries between the US women's team and the much more unsuccessful men. In the otherwise adapted football business, Rapinoe is an exception - someone who shares an opinion, and not out of fear for their own sponsorship deals back. Especially men's football could learn a lot from Megan Rapinoe.

Controversial topics would be more than enough

As top scorer and best player of the World Cup, Rapinoe represents the equivalent of her male star colleagues like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. But unlike the American, prominent footballers usually avoid taking a public profile on social and political issues.

Rapinoe is credible because the subject she talks about concerns herself. Of course, not every star has such a concern. No one should be exposed for the sake of controversy alone. But it is surprising that among all the male stars of the football top teams in recent years, no one had a social message that he was concerned enough to throw his celebrities in the pan.

There would have been plenty of topics in the recent past. Whether refugee crisis or much-discussed climate policy, in the public discourse on urgent socially relevant issues footballers are at most a marginal phenomenon and that, although they are a shining example for many young people. In the talk shows of the country are mainly present when it comes to the application of their own movie.

The case of Mesut Özil is frightening

Admittedly, men's football is exposed to a much greater public interest, even the slightest critical statement can unfold an unexpected force in such a hysterical environment. At the same time uncomfortable statements are contrary to the interest of many clubs and advertising partners of male stars, which aim at the best possible - that is, smoothly - marketing of the players.

What an unfortunate dynamic can emerge was shown by the example of Mesut Özil. Although his questionable meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had no concrete political message, it soon became a virtually uncontrollable public issue. A case that illustrates why many football stars off the field are so defensive, almost pointless.

However, she does not relieve her of her social responsibility. Rather, male footballers should be aware of what partly questionable message their métier sends in 2019. Because as an idol of entire generations with millions of followers in social networks, you simply can not afford to deliberately stop by the hot spots of our time. Megan Rapinoe shows that there is another way.

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