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Shimano electronic gear for road and MTB. Worth it?

Shimano road electronic shifting and MTB-crop

If you are seriously considering the possibility of buying a new one bicycle It is probable that among your innumerable doubts the idea is resounding with strength electronic change.

The market share of Shimano electronic groups so much of MTB like highway It does not stop growing and although bicycles with a mechanical gearbox are still being marketed, the situation seems to be numbered as far as mid-range and high-end products are concerned. Although Sram and Campagnolo also offer electronic changes in their catalog, today it is time to focus on the Shimano electronic groups.

Shimano electronic road shifter

The arrival of the Shimano Di2 electronic groups It was a revolution in the world of fine wheels. Road cycling had been stagnant for a long time technologically and the electronic change Along with disc brakes, they have led this sport to the greatest revolution of the last 15 years.

As we will see Shimano only offers the electronic version of the groups Dura Ace and Ultegra, although everything suggests that we will not take long to see this option also in lower-end groups such as Shimano 105.

It is evident that the purchase of an electronic group supposes an important increase in the cost of the bicycle, but the prices are more and more adjusted and the innumerable benefits of the electronic groups well compensate this investment.

Shimano Ultegra Di2

The new series Shimano Ultegra R8000 It came to road cycling with notable improvements and a significant aesthetic renovation. The Shimano Ultegra series derives directly from the Dura Ace group, so its quality is more than assured. The group is designed for intense practice and finesse and comfort are its main attributes.

All this is also transferred on Electronic ultegra. The group Shimano Ultegra Di2 is a benchmark in the market and today is the best-selling electronic road group in history.

The Ultegra Di2 complete is made up of the brake levers, the rear derailleur, the derailleur and the electronic control unit.

With patience and some dedication you can find the Ultegra Di2 electronic group complete for about 1000 euros. If you want to add the other components such as chainring, cranks, rear cassette, chain and brake bridges to the Ultegra pack, you will have to scratch your pocket for up to 1,300 euros.

Pay close attention to the shifters. You should bear in mind that Shimano markets two types of Ultegra Di2 lever. Those that are used for disc brakes and those that are used for the conventional rim brake system. You can differentiate them because the first ones are somewhat more voluminous.

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It remains to be seen what future holds for mechanical changes.

The truth is that the improvements over the first Ultegra Di2 are evident. The shift works finer, the weight of the levers has been lightened and the battery life it has also been significantly increased. Undoubtedly an excellent option for road cyclists who want to have a first contact with an electronic group.

The only relevant drawback I see in the added cost of buying an electronic knowing that for a little more you can get a mechanical Dura Ace group. Fortunately, market dynamics seem to indicate that prices will adjust more and more.

Shimano Dura Ace Di2

The Shimano Dura Ace Di2 It is the highest-end electronic group Shimano has ever manufactured. A sublime combination reliability, performance and durability.

The Dura Ace Di2 brings all the benefits of the classic mechanical Dura Ace group to the electronic world. A group that in its full format comes out for more than 2000 euros but is unrivaled in terms of quality.

Like the Ultegra, the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Basic consists of levers, derailleur and rear derailleur. The Dura Ace family also allows the incorporation of brake bridges, discs, cranks, chainrings and cassettes, among other components. Shimano also makes triathletes available to electronic push buttons that you can install on the goat's handlebar.

Pay attention to your purchase as different mounting options appear. Especially note the connecting rod length, the rear derailleur extension or the type of disc and rim brake levers.

There is no doubt that buying the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is an excellent investment. However, if your budget is limited, it is surely in your best interest to consider whether you might be better off keeping an Ultegra Di2 and improving the rest of the bicycle's components. As always, it is a matter of priorities and of maximizing the economic resources available.

Shimano MTB electronic shifter

If in road cycling electronic groups take the cake in the world of MTB it seems that the situation is heading towards the same situation.

In an operation identical to what we find on the road, Shimano offers two electronic groups for MTB. The Shimano XT Di2 and XTR Di2. The first of them would be comparable to an Ultegra, while the second would be similar to a Dura Ace.

In the MTB the electronic changes are not yet so established in the market, but it seems to be a matter of time that the thing ends up consolidating. The only question I have is to see how the electronic groups will fit with the single-plate transmission system.

Shimano XT Di2

As I have commented on Shimano XT Di2 It would be comparable to the Shimano Ultegra Di2 road. A perfect product to enjoy the benefits of electronic change without having to mortgage your future.

Year after year Shimano continues to improve its product. The development is constant and it is getting closer to perfection. The basic Shimano XT Di2 groupset is integrated by rear derailleur, levers or buttons and derailleur. You can complete the kit with other Shimano XT family products such as pedals, disc brakes, cranks, chainrings or chain.

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It remains to be seen how the single-plate system ends up fitting with the electronic transmission

Reliability is a point that has been improving over time and durability has also continued to work in a process of constant improvement. Good option to enter a MTB in the world of electronic groups.

Shimano XTR Di2

The Shimano XTR Di2 It is the highest-end group for MTB. Fineness, reliability and performance are the main qualities of the best group manufactured to date.

MTB bikes are even more mechanically vulnerable than road bikes, so electronic shifting is justified. Once again the basic Shimano XTR Di2 groupset consists of shift knobs, derailleurs, and rear derailleur. Take care once again in this last component. You must bear in mind that there are changes to long legs and others to short legs depending on the development you have mounted.

You can complete the XTR group with an information display and other components like chain, disc brakes or pedals.

It is an extremely light group that will delight users. The product still needs a good financial outlay, which for certain user profiles makes one think to what extent its purchase is worth it.

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