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Shimano groups for road bike. Comparison and opinion

Shimano is the great reference of the components and bike groups Worldwide. For this reason I consider it interesting to develop a buying guide to clarify the different options and alternatives that the Japanese giant offers in its cycling catalog. On this occasion we will focus on the shimano road groups and for this we will group the models in 4 sections: low range, mid range, high range and electronic group.

Shimano road groups: low range

Shimano Claris

We begin the compilation of shimano road groups with the Shimano Claris. A model designed for beginner cyclists and who want to start getting acquainted with this road cycling. The Shimano Claris presents a rather simplistic aesthetic and as you can imagine it is not intended for competition or for intense recreational practice. You can find the Shimano Claris group mounted on the simplest road bikes. A group with a very low price and that is also used in some bike ride.

The Claris admits only 8 speed so it is quite limited in terms of developing It refers although the brand offers the alternative of choosing between 2 and 3 dishes.

Very very basic option that I would not recommend at all unless you use the bike for walks and very sporadically. If your idea is to practice cycling routinely, Claris will be small in a very short time.

Shimano Claris Road

Shimano Sora

We advance a little more point in the Shimano road range and arrive at Shimano Sora. A group that we could continue to consider low-end although it offers a much higher performance than the Shimano Claris. Many of us have started with this group and the truth is that the product response is quite good.

Sora has a important stiffness so it is already positioned as a fairly reliable bicycle group. The group is sold in 2/3 dishes and in 9 speeds. This product of Shimano is found in basic initiation bicycles that seek to equip a Economic group to reduce the final price of the bicycle. Shimano takes several editions of Sora and the most recent is the version Sora R3000.

shimano sora
The Shimano Sora a good option for those newly initiated


Shimano Tiagra

We enter the mid-range section by the hand of Shimano Tiagra. A group that is available in 10 speeds and in 2 or 3 dishes. The performance of the Tiagra is quite good and it is a perfect group for those cyclists looking for something functional, reliable and at a good price.

Personally, I have to say that the Tiagra has greatly improved in the latest versions and that the latest one even incorporates Dura-Ace technology.

Shimano Tiagra Cycling
Shimano Tiagra. The first mid-range option

Shimano 105

Turn for the group that probably presents a best value for money. The Shimano 105 It is one of the star products of the Japanese brand. The group sells a lot and its attractive price makes it an excellent option for all those cyclists who want a carbon bike with a budget close to 2000 euros.

I would recommend the Shimano 105 to all those who ride their bicycles routinely but don't want to spend a lot of money. The truth is that 105 is much more reliable than some believe and the aesthetics of the latest version (R7000) has greatly improved the previous editions.

Group 105 is a sales leader in the sector with Shimano Ultegra and the truth is that most users are delighted with the value for money it offers.

It is also the first version of Shimano that is already sold in 11 speeds. You can also get the Shimano 105 for disc brake.

As I say an excellent option for those looking for something functional, durable and with a price as tight as possible. 100% recommended.

Shimano 105
Shimano 105. Excellent option in terms of value for money


Shimano Ultegra

Moment to talk about what for me is the best road group of Shimano. The Shimano Ultegra It is a spectacular all-terrain and we will find it in high-end bicycles.

The price jump is quite important compared to the Shimano 105 but the truth is that with the purchase of an Ultegra you will never regret having made an economic effort.

The Ultegra is lightness and reliability and its operation is simply spectacular. In my opinion, most cyclists do not need to reach a Shimano Dura-Ace. The Ultegra is more than enough and the euros you are going to save will surely be better to invest in some good wheels or in a power meter

Shimano Ultegra is sold in mechanical and electronic version and the transmission is 2 plates and 11 sprockets. Developments (plate and pinion teeth) may vary depending on the preferences of the buyer.

The truth is that the Shimano Ultegra has always seemed very attractive but the latest version (Ultegra R8000) has improved all my expectations. I have used the group in competition and the truth is that little has to envy the Shimano Dura-Ace. The new Ultegra besides being incredibly light has a very smooth operation.

shimano ultegra
The Shimano Ultegra is the preferred choice of many little cycles

Shimano Dura-Ace

We close with him Shimano Dura-Ace. The most exclusive high-end group. A product designed for the competition or to satisfy those most demanding cyclists. Shimano offers nothing superior to his Dura-Ace group.

It is an excellent combination of lightness and reliability. In addition the new design optimizes the aerodynamics and the effort of the cyclist in each pedaling. The Japanese market the Shimano Dura-Ace in different developments designed to meet the demands of any cycling profile.

The operation of the change and the derailleur is fine and precise. In addition, the touch of the levers and the brake bridges is very soft and allows you to stop the bicycle with little effort.

Without doubt the best option to equip high-end bicycles. Despite everything in my opinion for all those who have a high but limited budget (not exceeding 5000 euros) it is best to equip the bike with a Shimano Ultegra group (possibility of assembling the electronic version) and give preferences to other components that They will condition our performance on the bike more. It doesn't make much sense to equip a bike with Shimano Dura-Ace and carry bad wheels or a heavy frame. My preference and recommendation is always to give preferences to the components. Shimano Ultegra is a more than enough option.

shimano lasts
Shimano Dura Ace. The highest-end group of Shimano.

Shimano electronic road groups

Shimano Ultegra Di2

we reach the section of electronic groups. And first of all we present the group Shimano Ultegra Di2. The electronic version offered by Shimano from the classic Ultegra. The truth is that the release of this new Ultegra Di2 is a great leap in quality and accessibility. Electronic groups are no longer reserved for the wealthiest users.

This change Ultegra Di2 is ideal for those cyclists who want to assemble an electronic group at a "tight" price. The truth is that so much The durability and effectiveness of electronic groups has greatly improved in recent years and this Ultegra ignores the problems of the previous versions. The improvement in autonomy is surely the most outstanding improvement.

shimano ultegra di2
The shimano ultegra Di2 is the electronic option of the classic Ultegra

Shimano Dura Ace Di2

The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Yes, that is the crème de la crème. Probably the best road and market group in history. Shimano has not made anything better to date.

The truth is that one wonders to what extent it compensates to pay more than 2000 euros for a bicycle group. But if you are one of those who do not spare a euro in their purchases and the lucky ones who have the opportunity to seize one of them it is impossible to disappoint you. All the finesse and elegance of the Shimano Dura-Ace now also available in electronic version.
If you have doubts about whether the mechanical or electronic group you should keep an eye on this post

Shimano Dura Ace Di2
The Shimano Dura Ace Di2. A group reserved for the most exclusive users.

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