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Shimano MTB bike groups

shimano mtb bike groups

If a few days ago we were talking about Shimano groups for road cycling today we have to do the same with the Shimano groups for MTB. A perfect guide to finish convincing all those cyclists who are undecided before making a decision.

Shimano Altus, Sidewalk, XT, Deore, XTR ... what weirder names, right? Well, let's try to be practical and decipher all that technical hieroglyph.

Shimano MTB groups: low range

Shimano Altus

We start with the lowest Shimano range and in this case the first group for MTB that we must analyze is the Shimano Altus. A group very very basic designed to equip the simplest bicycles on the market. Those bicycles that could be considered MTB but that are more of a ride given their limited benefits. The Shimano Altus is obviously very heavy but it is much better than other unknown brand groups that some brands ride on their simplest bicycles.

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Shimano altus, the most economical version for MTB

Shimano Sidewalk

Shift now for the Shimano Sidewalk. An equally low-end group that already presents more reliability and fineness in all your gear. The Shimano Acera consists of a fast and intuitive transmission system. A perfect combination for those looking for more benefits than the simplest model without having to excessively increase their budget. Many low-end bicycles, including those sold in hypermarkets, are equipped with this group.

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Shimano sidewalk, a very economical MTB bike group.

Shimano Relief

We close the low-end section with the Shimano Relief. A group that personally and analyzing the technical performance of the same I would almost dare to consider mid-range. The only drawback is the 9 speeds of the change. An important purchase obstacle for cyclists looking for something more versatile and adapted to new market trends. The Shimano Relief has a basic but functional operation and its low price makes it a good option to equip MTB bicycles for a budget of less than 1000-1500 euros.

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Shimano relief the best option within the low range of shimano


Shimano Deore

I would tell you that practically everyone has ever enjoyed a Shimano Deore in his life. A sales leader in mid-range bicycles and a group for MTB that It allows you to give pedals without truce thanks to its excellent reliability.

In addition, the latest versions of the Shimano Deore have also significantly improved the aesthetic appearance so that for a very reasonable price you can have a functional product and that unlike the other models of similar range does not distort the image of the bicycle.

Shimano markets the Deore in different development options but all of them present a common denominator. A value for money very difficult to match.

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Shimano Deore One of the best selling groups in low-end bicycles.

Shimano SLX

The Shimano SLX group is a all-terrain super functional that defines itself as an ideal MTB group to make routes of all kinds. The shimano SLX is not excessively light but it stands out for its remarkable reliability. A perfect option to enjoy a mid-range bike at an adjusted price. The perfect alternative for those looking for a good bike without all the savings going away.

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Shimano SLX the best option for those who do not want to reach high-end prices


Shimano XT

We enter the section considered high-end with the Shimano XT. A group that has been seated in the market for many years and that thanks to its excellent quality enjoys enormous prestige among all fans of this sport. The Shimano XT is the equivalent of the Shimano Ultegra road.

A trustworthy group for all those cyclists who practice mountain biking regularly and look for lightness and safety. It is a product with more than proven durability and that is marketed in different 12-speed developments. The Shimano XT is a life insurance that comes at a relatively affordable price.

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Shimano XT. Surely the best selling and profitable group for Shimano

Shimano XTR

If in the Shimano road section you have Dura-Ace as the highest range group in MTB, this privilege corresponds to the Shimano XTR.

A group that maximizes performance and that more than satisfies the expectations and requests of all those "professionalized" cyclists who seek mechanical excellence.

Obviously to get a Shimano XTR requires a high budget but if you are one of those who have enough money do not waste the opportunity.

As you will see later Shimano offers the mechanical and electronic version of the XTR. A product that has been improving version after version in the last twenty years and that in this last model (M9100) has come to manufacture the best MTB group in history.

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Shimano XTR The best group in the market in mechanical format

Shimano MTB electronic groups

Shimano XT Di2

The electronic changes also came to the MTB a long time ago and the Shimano XT Di2 is the most "economic" version for all those cyclists looking for a group for electronic MTB. The product keeps intact the high performance of the Shimano XT mechanical so it can be considered as an improved version.

The use of electronic groups has generated considerable discrepancy in recent years. But the truth is that over time Shimano has been polishing the small details especially in the sections of reliability and durability.

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Shimano XT Di2. The “economic” version of the electronic groups for MTB

Shimano XTR Di2

We could consider the group Shimano XTR Di2 as the best group for MTB of the moment And surely from the story. A product with all the advantages and benefits of the classic mechanical XTR that will delight all those cyclists who have the chance to ride it. A technological marvel that yes, within reach of very few.

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Shimano XTR di2. The best of the best.

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