News : Should I buy a raincoat or a windbreaker?

News :

Should I buy a raincoat or a windbreaker?

raincoat or windbreaker for cycling

One of the big mistakes in terms of cyclist's equipment lies in the habit of mistaking a windbreaker with a waterproof raincoat. Both products obviously have a certain similarity and have important similarities, but believe me, if the typical summer storm hits you, you will hit your teeth.

The waterproof raincoat and windbreaker They are first cousins, but they do not serve the same purpose or have the same price. Do you rent more to buy me a windbreaker vest or waterproof raincoat? These and more questions that also affect the runner community are the ones that I will analyze below. Pay attention, lest you get a good goal in your trusted store. The supposedly specialized staff is the first to get used to skating when asked about this type of product.

Windbreaker for cycling. The famous Windstopper

We start with what is surely the most versatile product of the two. The cycling windbreaker It is one of the best-selling accessories of the moment and the format vest It is the one that best suits current fashion.

The truth is that sleeveless designs have evolved and today neutral colors and tight patterns take the cake.

The windbreaker is the typical accessory that, like good cuffs or leg loops, can save your day as the weather becomes changeable. However, we should not confuse its usefulness. The windbreaker and the vests are thought and designed to protect you from the wind. This is the only function that should really be required of a windbreaker. The truth is that it is always appreciated that it presents a certain level of impermeability but always having very clear that waterproofing is a raincoat thing.

A windbreaker vest usually It will be water repellent but not 100% waterproof. Its fabric will spit water but it will not have the same benefits as a raincoat with a high quality fabric. If the rain tightens I assure you that sooner rather than later the water will end up penetrating your body.

The design and technicality of the product has evolved a lot and hence the windbreaker is the ideal garment to carry in the jersey pocket. The vests barely bulge and when you crown a mountain pass it is appreciated to have more than a couple of newspapers to protect the front of your chest. Windbreaks also tend to be considerably more breathable than raincoats and their price should also be more adjusted. I say what I should because today one gets tired of seeing abusive prices on beautiful but low-quality products.

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Precisely one of the kings of quality in terms of protection products is concerned is Gore Wear. The German manufacturer occupies the "pole position" in terms of sports fabrics. The creators of the "Gore-Tex" also incorporate Windstopper fabric into their cycling and running garments. A fabric of enormous quality that with a highly worked film protects you like few others from the wind.

In this sense if you are looking for buy a cycling windbreaker I recommend the Gore C3 Windstopper Light model. A lightweight, compact, high-quality product that can be easily stored in jersey pockets.

Waterproof cycling raincoat

The oilskin is by definition and concept the garment waterproof lifelong. A raincoat is used to protect you from the rain and stay dry when a good downpour falls from the sky.

Cycling and running raincoats there are many. Like all products we find them of all qualities and prices. This means that we cannot request the same result from a raincoat of 20 euros as one of 150.

The simplest raincoats are especially dangerous. Their quality leaves a lot to be desired and they just form a plastic film that apparently does not let water through. This causes these vests, most of them tight-fitting and in poncho format, to be an oven when we start to sweat or the outside temperature is not especially low. The cheapest raincoats they do not perspire and the waterproof level It is usually quite low.

As for this last point, it should be noted that the waterproofness of a raincoat is measured by columns of water by cm². The higher this indicator, the more impermeability the garment will have. In general, the price of a raincoat rises depending on its level of impermeability.

In addition, in terms of pattern and design I recommend that you opt for raincoats that barely have seams. This fateful point is usually the ideal place through which the water seeps into it.

At the same product quality, raincoats are more expensive than windbreaks, but their technicality is also higher. A raincoat of one form or another will protect you from the wind while the other way around and unless the rain is very light you will not suffer the same fate.

If you are looking for a quality raincoat for cycling and running I recommend the Gore C5 Shakedry 1985 raincoat. A Gore-Tex product with extraordinary features and which in my opinion is the best waterproof raincoat on the market.

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