News : Shura Kitata, the ‘farmer’ who took revenge on London

News : Shura Kitata, the ‘farmer’ who took revenge on London

Kitata ended up like a shot in London / AFP

Kitata arrived in London (and, in fact, is leaving London) with a personal best in marathon to take into account of 2.04.49 achieved precisely in the British capital in 2018. A year ago, in 2019, he ‘pricked’ ( by clicking we mean being fourth) in the test for something so earthly that it is worth highlighting. “Today I made a beginner’s mistake, I didn’t have breakfast before the race, just a little fruit. I thought it would be enough. But I ended up very hungry and at km 35/36 I felt my stomach faint, I was very, very hungry. I ran out of energy. I’ll go back and win the race“.

A year later his ‘revenge’ was claimed

Said and done. Just a year or so later he was able to take his particular ‘revenge’ and win the test in a spectacular final. And with that tremendous feeling of having achieved it by participating in the best marathoner of all time, Eliud Kipchoge.

Born for the marathon

But who is Shura Kitata? TO his 24 years we could say that he is a veteran of the distance of Filípides. He has not gone through the track, but he entered directly into road tests in the same way that so many marathoners begin to do, especially Africans. Before running on the 4th in London he had participated in 10 marathons. He debuted with a 3rd place at just 19 years old in 2015 in Shanghai (2.08.53) and since then his worst ranking had been fourth place last year in London. Shura comes from a family of farmers near the Ethiopian capital and large city of the country, Addis Ababa. Like many other inland African families, she has many siblings. Specifically four sisters and three brothers.

Family of eight siblings

He started running at school and soon both he and his coaches saw that he was a great long distance runner. Compatriot of the great Kenenisa Bekele, who could not participate at the last minute in London due to an injury, he dreams of joining the great names who have put his country on the athletics map. Bekele, Tulu or Bikila himself. Trained in his native country by Haji Adilo, he shares long runs with another current benchmark like Lelisa Desisa (2.04.45) and with the world champion and Olympic medalist Mare Dibaba (2.19.52). Gscored his first marathon in Frankfurt’17 (2.05.50) with more than a minute margin over the second and achieving his personal best of 90 ″ in adverse weather conditions.

His particular way of running, somewhat ungainly, and the look he wore in London with a fluorescent headband made us constantly monitor him during the race. Write down his name.

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