News : Six hours on the track and 85km, the last training of Kilian Jornet

News : Six hours on the track and 85km, the last training of Kilian Jornet

An image of Kilian ‘crushing himself’ on the runway / Instagram

He has already surprised us in recent times showing us almost impossible and most extreme training, such as the ‘VK10K’ in which he added a vertical kilometer and a 10km run or the one he called ‘Hell’, in which he put his body to the limit with the exploration of the own limitations with the purpose of learning. Jornet has spent months and months giving us touches of her training on the track after stating last year that this 2020 would be her debut in a road test. In fact, in a few weeks he will participate for the first time in an homologated 10k, where we can see his real level in a fast asphalt race. All at the expense of announcing your participation in a marathon (who knows if in Valencia).

Kilian continues to impress with his ‘experiments’

This time Jornet has posted a brutal training on the track 85 kilometers at a pace of 4:13 / km That it took him more than six hours and that he wanted to explain on his social networks.

“Progression comes from adaptations, adaptations come from training and rest, training comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes from testing. I did a nutritional test yesterday. In a stable environment (a track) and an easy but constant effort I was trying different refueling and hydration protocols which I hope can help me improve energy levels during different goals, from a race where we can have access to fluids and food when we want a high climb where we have limited food and fuel as we have to carry it all. I think that testing is important to have a better knowledge of oneself and apply this knowledge in training, races or projects ”.

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