News : Six Nigerian athletes are sanctioned for doping … under 14 years!

News :

Six Nigerian athletes are sanctioned for doping ... under 14 years!

Scandal in Nigerian grassroots sport

The fever for doping and improving performance and reaching the top earlier is reaching unacceptable heights. Obviously these dark practices have been carried out for years and years to multiply performance and the detection of prohibited substances has been intensified a lot, but it seems that it is not enough to stop a harmful option for the body. The latest information that reaches us in this regard has horrified us. And it is that in Nigeria, according to the expert consultant in anti-doping Femi Ayorinde, six athletes would have tested positive for illegal substances. So far, everything more or less 'normal'. But it is about six sub'14 athletes!

A problem in Nigeria

A real madness. Apparently, according to Ayorinde, these positives occurred during 2019 National Youth Games in Kwara State. The expert presented it in a webinar in order to raise awareness against the culture of doping and with the collaboration of the National Anti-Doping Committee. "Children under 14 have started using performance enhancing drugs in Nigeria and that tells us there is a problem. "Ayorinde said.

"It is a sign that they are being coached by their coaches and other sports personnel. We really need to deal with that angle. The National Anti-Doping Committee has been educating and informing athletes, including during the coronavirus hiatus, to raise awareness through webinars. "

Very serious consequences

"If they find us deficient, we can be declared in non-compliance and we can be sanctioned for not participating in international competitions," Ayorinde warns about the consequences that a wave of positives can cause in such young athletes. Definitely, doping has become a matter of state at the sporting level in the African country. This series of positives has put all organizations on alert because if this practice spreads and manages to penetrate young people who want at all costs to succeed in elite sport, it can be a very big problem.

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