News : Skechers with carbon plate and the festivities of the Chinese

News : Skechers with carbon plate and the festivities of the Chinese

Diego García poses with the Skechers model with a carbon plate

With the Olympic ticket in his pocket for a long time, Diego García Carrera has been living for months in this new normal in which the march is one of the great forgotten. With practically all international tests suspended, the Madrilenian, European runner-up in Berlin’18, has taken it with philosophy. Recently, in Murcia, he was able to feel again what it is to wear a number in an absolute Spanish Championship that he had never won and that this time he could savor.

With that perpetual smile painted on his face, Diego attends us to assess various current events: your renewal with Skechers, the model with a carbon plate (the Skechers Go Run Speed ​​Elite Hyper), his aspirations in the Games, where is his other great passion (the trombone) and other anecdotes that are coming out and that are not wasted.

Return to competition

“The overall feeling was very good. Going back to racing, which was a long time ago. HI was looking forward to it and we achieved the goal, which is to compete as well as we train. But I did have a feeling of realizing that training is not the same as competing. If you don’t compete, you can face situations that training doesn’t prepare you for. What you feel and what you think when you are competing and there is still an hour of competition left, you can only feel / live there. I hope that we will have another quality test before the Olympic Games ”.

The level of the march in Spain

“I was runner-up in Europe before being runner-up in Spain. I still don’t have a national outdoor medal. In the end what happens is that there is a huge level in Spain (The European champion is Spanish, the 2015 World Cup is Spanish, Albert, who was the ‘surprise’ the other day, comes from being ninth in a World Cup of this Olympic cycle …). You have to select the peaks of form and in other years perhaps we prefer to choose other competitions, but this time there are few championships in sight, so I wanted to debut in Spain ”.

Renewal with Skechers

“It makes me very happy because Skechers started sponsoring / helping me since I was 2017. In my first competition I already achieved my first Spanish Record. I’ve been with them all my career and I even did my internship there at the office. It made me especially happy to fulfill my dream of participating in the Olympic Games wearing Skechers. At the level of innovation and quality of the shoes I am very surprised and, in fact, now I believe that I have up to a certain advantage over other athletes who do not wear them. Every time I know more people who have tried the Skechers and praise the comfort and ask me where to buy them ”.

Carbon plate

“I am very comfortable. I used these shoes to compete in the Spanish Championship and I have loved them. I also tell you that there are previous models without a plate that have also done me very well. In fact, my personal brand is no badge. It’s going to be my shoe from now on. I do not know if the plate is going to be as decisive in the march as in the race because in the race technique its advantages are used more. I was a little scared if I would change my technique, but not really. We have done a study of biomechanics and in a test we did at 3:45 it was still running correctly. I think the Skechers have a particularity. They do not have such a fat sole (2.5cm) and they maintain a very low drop and they do not vary as much with the theme of the plate as in other brands and models ”.

The games

“It is positive that they are going to celebrate. But once they are celebrated I am left with the positive part. I am 25 years old, my sporting maturity is close to arriving. So if I have an extra year I can arrive a little more done, more mature. Uncertainty is continually reigning and until the time comes I will not be able to say if it has been better or worse. Apart from the Games we have the European Cup in May which is supposed to be held. It is in the Czech Republic, a country quite annoyed by the virus. There is the possibility that they will cancel it at the last minute, as has happened with several tests of the World Challenge. We hope that in Coruña in June that test of the Challenge can be disputed, which I love and it is where I have my personal marks ”.

The ‘Chinese method’

“The Chinese are at their best, but sometimes they beat them. On the other hand, the Africans are intractable at heart. The case of China is a very opaque issue, they go a bit on the sidelines. It is very difficult for you to befriend a Chinese. It is difficult to get information from them and find out how they do things. Lately they have hired Italian technicians. They have a factor that is a thousand and a million population and then they have methods with a lot of investment and resources destined that is something that defines the results. I do see a difference now between boys and girls. The girls are intractable, the boys are not ”.

The party in La Coruña that made the Chinese ‘human’

“There was one thing that marked me a lot. The last time we went to the Coruña test, in June 2019, we went out to dinner after the competition. We were going down the street to have a drink, between the bars, and the Chinese appeared in a bar, having something with the rest of the people. Since that day they have not stood out again (laughs). I was surprised to see that they were suddenly human. Normally they have that ecosystem of not interacting with the rest, going to their ball, they are opaque ”.

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