News : Sneakers once again take over the nets during the London Marathon

News : Sneakers once again take over the nets during the London Marathon

Sneakers (once again) take over the nets during the London Marathon

That the ‘other duel’ of the London Marathon would be lived at ground level was something known to all. The issue of sneakers has been practically the most talked about at the athletic level for months and months, even before Eliud Kipchoge put on the prototype of the Nike Alphafly in his INOS 1:59 Challenge in which he managed to get the human being down by first time of the two hours in a marathon in a test not approved by the World Athletics.

Two models almost indistinguishable in career

Throughout the female and male events in the English capital again on social networks, almost the most talked about have been the shoes. The AlphaFly, the Vaporfly Next, the Adidas Adios Adizero Pro, the truth is that both brands have decided to use their TOP competition models with a very similar color and in the broadcast it was hardly possible to distinguish one from the other. A kind of color between pink and salmon is the one chosen by the American and German brands, which are fighting for the throne. It is true that Nike seemed a few months ago to have eaten the toast of its competitor, but little by little we see more and more athletes in front wearing these Adios Pro that were presented just over three months ago. In the leading London group were six athletes from Nike and three from Adidas.

Hall’s Asics prototype

Another of the most commented aspects has been the fact that Sara Hall, who has starred in a spectacular final sprint to finish second in the women’s event, has brought a hitherto unknown competition Asics prototype to compete in London. We imagine that if the brand and the athlete herself had competed with them, they had the OK of the World Athletics and the sneakers complied with the stipulated regulation that was recently issued by the highest international athletic authority.

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