News : Something more important than running #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

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Something more important than running #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

I stay at home

A large group of our running club We had spent months preparing with great effort and enthusiasm the 42nd edition of the Barcelona Marathon. We all know the story. Last Saturday, March 7, the organization was forced to suspend the test due to the threat of the coronavirus.

We, blinded by the desire to complete so many months of preparation in a marathon, we move to plan B, run the popular Badajoz Marathon. It was not the best plan, to extend the preparation for another week -with the mental wear we already had- and get between our chest and back 1,000km of trip one way and many others on the way back. We did not care, until the last moment we kept a thread of hope thinking that being a small test could save it from cancellation.

Just yesterday the organization wisely decided to suspend the test and our group was finally left with no options to contest any marathon.

But from all this history, today, I realize the true outrage that we would have committed. Travel from Catalonia, one of the most active foci of COVID-19 to Extremadura, one of the communities with the least impact (39 cases as of the writing of this article).

I imagine the horrified face of the organizers when they saw that their local marathon was going to turn into a national marathon - regarding the origins - with the risk that this entailed for Badajoz.

The desire to run a marathon at that time passed above all - in our download it must be said that the situation had not yet been so complicated and we did not have as much data as we have today - but in that week that passed between the cancellation of the Barcelona and Badajoz Marathon, I did not think about the danger and above all the responsibility of being the bearers of the coronavirus to Extremaduran lands.

All this I see very clearly since yesterday afternoon, when things have started to get more complicated here in my city (Barcelona). And today, with the sure declaration of the state of alarm, everything strikes me in consciousness even stronger.

#I stay at home

We have never experienced a situation like this, and precisely we and us runners - who fortunately enjoy a very good state of health - should these days reflect on the fact of staying at home without going for a run, especially if as it seems there will be to carry out a more severe confinement in the next days than now.

Not to mention all and all those brokers who filled the social networks with not very pleasant comments to the organizations of the multiple popular races canceled, claiming all kinds of questions, many of them totally foreign to the organization itself.

It is a real bad trick not to be able to run a marathon or any test to which you have devoted a lot of effort to prepare it, and from now on it will be difficult to bear not to be able to go running on the streets or in the parks ... but none of this is remotely comparable to the health of our environment, especially that of our elders, the group most at risk of having serious problems due to the coronavirus.

Our day to day has changed radically, due to this pandemic hard weeks are approaching and in the end running, although it is very important for us, is still that, running, a hobby.

It is our responsibility As lovers of the healthy life that we are and the runners staying at home, all the measures that are taken will not help if we do not assume our own responsibility to avoid more infections.

From LBDC we can help you provide training routines of all kinds to perform at home and stay active during these weeks, that not everything is going to be Netflix, right? 😉

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