News : Son, but you have not made a podium! "

News :

Son, but you have not made a podium! "

Fernando Carro, in an image of the Meeting of Barcelona
Fernando Carro, in an image of the Meeting of Barcelona

He is one of the men without a doubt of the moment. In the last month he has been able to beat his personal mark twice, make the minimum for the World Cup in Doha and the Tokyo Games and achieve a record of Spain with 17 years old. Everything, keeping your feet on the ground and always with that smile and desire to attend to everyone. "I have a gift, I connect with people," he says. When you sit down to talk to Fernando Carro you know when the conversation starts, but not when it ends. It is better not to make plans a posteriori. In the Broker's Exchange we chatted without clocks or bonds with him. A camera, a sofa to get comfortable and eager to listen to all the life that oozes an athlete who wants to eat the world and, above all, dreams of knowing their limits.

Did you talk to Berlanas about the possibility of breaking his record?

"Luismi (Berlanas) has been a person who has maintained all this time with athletics, he continues competing in veterans and it is evident that he enjoys it independently of records. I think he transmits a lot. He has seen how I work in the Blume, how I have improved in all facets, in the reception, in how low the center of gravity. I think he saw it and commented on the week of Monaco on Twitter. He knew there were chances he would break his record; me too, but I had tremendous respect. "

What is the key to the jump you have given this season?

"Only a year ago there was a chasm between my marks and the record, without going further. Last year with Berlin I had a good month and I realized that I can fight for the European top. He had managed to put an entire year of continuity. But I had to start the season up, like in this case. I have not suffered injuries, I have already experienced the bitter face of this sport and I know how to react. After the Rome thing I told myself that I had to be sensible, focus on training well and select a lot of where to run. "

At what point are you of that "best Fernando Carro in history"?

"Right now I do not know at what point I am. I know that I am in a state of maximum happiness. Social networks make people very crazy. The lights do not blind me, I am not an athlete who wants to overcome people at all costs. My neighborhood colleagues or my own mother when I made the Record of Spain the other day they told me: "Hey, but if you have not made a medal, you have not been on the podium". I said, "Mom, but there's no podium in the Diamond." I think I've had references in things that have to be done and not to be done. Arturo Casado is my superstar in athletics. He made erroneous decisions and wanted to seek excellence by doing things he should not. If something works it is better not to touch it. I have enormous anaerobic values ​​that I must develop. I want to arrive tomorrow and have the feeling that I gave the most of myself ".

The boom of @subetealcarro continues to increase ...

"I represent what I have always represented, the only thing that people now see more. The responsibility is greater and it is more important how I transmit it. It seems very important to me how I connect with people because there are very young boys and girls whom I must convey well. I have tried to answer all the messages received after the Record, I consider it vital ".

"It is a responsibility that we have to reach the bulk of our sport, which has to understand whether the results are satisfactory or not, they will arrive. The other day, when I came back from Monaco, I was almost zombie, I had not rested almost and on Sunday when I woke up I went to the Madrid Championship to see several friends compete. I think we are the tip of the spear and the pyramid goes down, there are many people who work and perhaps their results do not transcend. "

What is the key to the success of Fernando Carro?

"I think continuity is the main thing, to link good races, good training. When you become competitive on all sides it is vital. Obviously, Arturo, my coach is vital for me, but also my training group. Sergio Jiménez, without going any further, has grown a lot and is going to petar, sure. It is important to be well wrapped. Normally thinking is what makes us make mistakes, in the end our work is 'simple', always run a little more, but it is essential to be well accompanied, to think for you sometimes, free yourself. "

After the ones from Monaco, you're still looking forward to the Doha World Cup ...

"It further reaffirms my ambition with the Doha World Cup. Although I do not believe that I am the savior of athletics, I am not the savior of anything. I will go to Doha to leave my life, I will do the previous work to the millimeter and will try to arrive in a similar or better way. It seems that the first swords are not arriving and some of them will pass by thinking of Tokyo. I have to be close to take advantage of my moment, grab me. With the brand that I have right now I have the obligation to reach the final. Be careful, it should not become a formality because I've never been to a world final, I must have respect. If I owe something to someone, it's to my people, to my neighborhood friends, to my coach, to my girl Clara Viñarás, to them I must give everything, empty myself. "

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