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Spain becomes European U21 champion - Sport

  • Germany loses in the final of the Under-21 European Championship against Spain.
  • The German team fell behind early on, took a long time to catch up, finally played big - but was not rewarded.

They started brilliantly, then let it go more smoothly, even wobbled in the meantime - but in the end it was enough: Spain is U21 European champion. The team won 2-1 against Germany on Sunday night, giving them revenge for the 2017 final. Germany defeated the Spaniards in the U21 European Championship final.

In the seventh minute, Fabián gave the Spaniard a long-range lead from a distance. In the following ten minutes, the match was largely one-way football: Spain claimed the ball, Germany ran for long stretches afterwards.

Slowly, however, the team of Stefan Kuntz came into the game better, gradually dared to do more. The team had the best phase for the time being in the final minutes before the half-time break, which included four consecutive corners. However, a goal remained for the time being.

After the break, the Germans began brilliantly, one noticed them: They wanted this balance necessarily. The Spaniards retreated somewhat, began their pressing noticeably later than in the first half, and allowed the German team surprisingly strong. The goal, however, did not want to fall again.

The hope was there, but then it was bitter

Then it came from the point of view of the German team even more bitter: In the midst of the Sturm und Drang phase, in which a goal seemed close enough to touch, came suddenly in the 67th minute Spain's Dani Olmo to the conclusion. He scored the 2: 0 for his team - and suddenly the dominance of the Germans was obsolete. Spain subsequently had the opportunity to increase the result several times. So the German team was lucky as Soler met in the 81st minute only the crossbar.

Then rebuilt again Germany, combined again by the Spanish defense, in the 83rd minute shot Luca Waldschmidt only centimeters by the gate. In the 88th minute then fell the hard fought goal for Germany by the Hoffenheim Amiri. But there were only about five minutes left to reach the equalizer. In the end, the Spaniards were behind too good - and it was not enough.

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