News : Spain: FC Andorra – Gerard Piqué's club doubles

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Spain: FC Andorra - Gerard Piqué's club doubles

FC Andorra are now playing in the third Spanish league. This was announced by the Spanish football association RFEF, which had previously announced the starting position. Curious: Sporty, the club has not qualified for it. He had only ascended to the current season in the Viertklassigkeit.

This unusual promotion was made possible by the renewed descent of CF Reus, who had been penalized only in the preseason of the second division in the third division. The club could not deposit a guarantee of € 200,000 required until 17 July and then had to descend into the fourth league.

FC Andorra, the club of the prominent owner Gerard Piqué, defender of FC Barcelona, ​​brought the required 452,022 euros for participation in the Segunda B. Zamora, Real Jaén, Linares Deportivo and FC Intercity also applied for the vacant place.

Among others, FC Andorra, the club from Andorra la Vella, said that, like Reus, he belongs to the Catalan Football Association and thus to the same season. The third division is divided into four seasons in Spain. Of the competitors, only the FC Intercity from the Alicante region is assigned to the same season.

Should the league change anything in the league, FC Andorra will play their first match in the new league at Espanyol Barcelona. There is a special tension between the rivals of FC Barcelona and Andorra owner Piqué. Also Barcelona B, the reserve team of FC Barcelona, ​​plays in the same league.

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