News : Spain, fifth in the last European Cup of combined events

News :

Spain, fifth in the last European Cup of combined events

The men's team in the European Cup of combined events / RFEA
The men's team in the European Cup of combined events / RFEA

Jorge Ureña, European indoor track champion (heptathlon), finished third and the Spanish joint team (men and women) fifth, in the last European Superliga of combined events that has been played in Lutsk (Ukraine) for the last time in this format. The athlete from Alicante could not, however, achieve his great goal: the minimum mark to participate in the Doha World Cups, which was 8,200 for the decathlon. He lacked 127 points.

Ureña, third but without the minimum prize for Doha

Ureña started the second day with a personal record in 110 m hurdles (13.88). Then he threw the disc to 39.60 and continued second in the general in the absence of the pole, the javelin and the 1,500. But the 4.60 meters that jumped in pole vault - it fell in 4.80 - they restrained the aspirations of the Alicante and ruined their possibilities of doing the minimum mundialista, although he was more toned in the javelin, with 58.01, his best launch of the season, and culminated with 4: 27.06, second in the first series of 1,500, among other two Spaniards: Pablo Trescolí, winner with 4: 27.00, and Jesús Castillo, third with 4: 35.62.

The Ureña brand allowed him, at least, to climb the individual podium and break the barrier of 8,000 by 73 points. Only the Belarussian Vitali Zhuk (8.237) and the Estonian Paicel Uibo (8.181), were ahead of the Alicante. Trescolí finished eighth with 7.699 and Jesús Castillo twentieth with 7.157. Jonay Jordán had left Saturday because of an injury.

Good performance by Carmen Ramos

In the heptathlon, Castellón's Carmen Ramos, who started as a ninth after the first day with 3,348 points, progressed two places to finish seventh with 5.643 points after jumping 5.71 in length, throwing the javelin at 42.42 meters and running the 800 in 2: 20.33. Another from Castellón, Bárbara Hernando, who began the twelfth Sunday, advanced to the final 16 place with 5,316 points; Andrea Medina finished in 28 with 5,089 and Valvanuz Cañizo in 29 with 5,056.

The individual victory was for the Ukrainian Daryna Sloboda, who was already in the lead the first day. He finished with his personal best (6,165 points), ahead of the British Katie Stainton (6,029) and the Dutch Marijke Esselink (5,905). The joint final classification proclaimed European champion to Estonia with 39,959 points, followed by Belarus (39,560), Great Britain (39,433), Ukraine (39,220) and Spain (38,977).

The highest category of the European Cup of combined events was born in 1973 in the Austrian city of Innsbruck and throughout its history Spain has achieved three bronze medals (1994, 1999 and 2005).

The three prizes were in the male category when there were still independent classifications by sex. Since 2013 there was a joint classification, adding the results of men and women, and Spain competed here for the first time in the highest category with the unique format.

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