News : Spanish Athletics Championship 2020: Preview, schedules, duels, casualties

News : Spanish Athletics Championship 2020: Preview, schedules, duels, casualties

Fontes will be one of the figures of the Spanish Championship

We are stealthily approaching the 100th edition of the Spanish Athletics Championship, which will experience a totally groundbreaking and historic multi-site format this weekend in Madrid. After months and months of uncertainty, a multitude of canceled races, truncated dreams, finally this sport has proven to be one of the most active in the world and we have been able to enjoy a different summer but with many incentives.

One of them, that of these September 12-13 in those four stadiums that will host the different tests of the championship: Vallehermoso, Moratalaz, Getafe and Alcobendas. To analyze EVERYTHING, outstanding casualties, more interesting duels, favorites and favorites, anecdotes, we chatted with athletic expert Óscar Fernández (@gabyandersen). Well, we are rather listening.

An atypical competition

“The situation has led us to see things that nobody could predict, that nobody could imagine. For example that, what a Spanish Championship has four venues. I think politicians have to give the permits and it is a bit of face to them, it is a much more secure format. It is impossible to have crowds, the number of participants is small. The stadium is going to be soulless compared to other years, but I think we are all used to this new situation. It is almost a mere anecdote. We have seen that in other countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland or the Nordic countries they have opened their hand more ”.

Illustrious casualties

“It is what touches. The issue is that, you can’t do anything else. Many casualties are due to injury, Peleteiro had knee pain since winter, Ben had a stress bill … Hortelano was injured in Stockholm, we already saw it. Others decided to plan next year more calmly, more calmly. Since there are no major championships, they have had another planning. ANDnext year they have already announced that whatever happens, the Games will be held “.

“Then there is the psychological part, obviously. High-level athletes are not aliens, suffer and suffer just like a normal person. Having the capacity and the state of mind to be sacrificing yourself and training day by day when you hear that most competitions will not be held because it is hard. It is a pity of course, few specialties are spared not having a notable loss. However, there are others with a very high level like 1,500 that are going to show off a lot ”.

1. The speed

Sergio Lopez he is at a very high level, competing very well. Too Dani Rodriguez. They are the two big favorites if we talk about the 100 and the 200. But hey, speed always brings us surprises. In women Paula Sevilla and Jael Bestué they will be the figures to follow in the two tests too “

“The problem with the 400 is that it is a test that has had casualties. Samu García, Husillos, Lucas Búa… It is the backbone of the 400. Andrea Jiménez in women is the favorite… They are very open events due to these losses and they leave us a middle part that will leave everything more even. Bokesa is also short… ”.

2. The middle ground

“I believe that Álvaro is a tad above his rivals. I think last weekend’s performance was fantastic, he went behind Wesley Vasquez. In Ostrava he was more reserved, but in any case he is in good shape and is above Mariano, who is not having a good summer compared to last year. I think the clear favorite is Álvaro “

“In 1,500 Jesús Gómez is fantasticHe has two races in 3:33 and another in 3:34, measuring himself with the best, he is very fit. Fontes equal, in Castellón he dazzled, in Ostrava also fantastic until the end, fighting with all the roosters. With self-confidence, without fear. Kevin in Marseille was tremendous. We have a very good little group. And Saúl Ordóñez, of course, let’s not forget. He improved his personal brand in Castellón. He’s a great strategist at competing, very good tactically. It is for me the great jewel of the Spanish Championship. Adrián Ben is the great low maybe because of the injury ”.

“Esther is going to turn. The only thing that could beat you is fatigue because the superiority with the rest is manifest. A few seasons ago with Soli Pereira she was more on par. It is a tough challenge because there are four races in just two days and then the finals I think are 10 minutes apart, but as it is it is possible that I will win both. It is an exciting challenge and it is not so common to see girls. It is a very good incentive for her and the championship. Everyone will be watching. Being at altitude you always notice that and you lose a couple of seconds there. Let’s see the rivals how they plan the race, if they try to wear it out ”.

3. The fund (5,000)

“Really Oukhelfen and Oumaiz are at a very high levelThey competed very well in Ostrava. 20 seconds the Catalan dropped his personal best. It is a very interesting test, Let’s see if car turns too because as it is it is capable of everything. I don’t think it will come out quickly so I think we will see a tremendous ending. I do not see anyone who comes out shooting, it will be a tactical race. In girls Maitane Melero I think is the great favorite. It will be Mola, by the way, who has already shown on the track that he is very good and the presence of one of the best triathletes in the world is already a great incentive in itself. AND the return of Rober Alaiz, Definitely great news”.

4. Hurdles and obstacles

“The 4 fences are young people and they are very open. Llopis at 110 is above the rest, although the other day Asier Martínez dazzled in the Club League. It is a test that I believe that Llopis if he does not make mistakes is favorite. It is in the best possible condition. In number 4 they are not making very prominent marks. In the case of girls, the 110 fences is somewhat orphaned without Errandonea. I liked Eva Páramo, the Riojan. In the 4 fences Salma Paralluelo and Sara Gallego. Also Bermejo. The other day Salma did not give me very good feelings, in the Iberdrola Cup she did not convince me ”.

“In the 3,000 obstacles Irene Sánchez Escribano plays in another League I think with respect to her rivals. In the men’s field, I think not talking about shoes would not be fair, but the New Balance are working very well and Arce in Ibiza against Carro the other day was a great example. It is an open race; In the case of Carro it is not bad at all, quite the opposite. Then there will be the tactical part, Sebas Martos will also compete and he is not in bad form. It will be an interesting test. Ezzaydouni must also be taken into account ”.

5. Jumps and throws

The male height is very open, I don’t know who I would put as a favorite. In case of the length Fatima Diame is the great favorite, also Victoria Sauleda. Triple male and female there is no color with Sarrapio (without Peleteiro) and Torrijos, who is ‘super’. They commented that it comes from some discomfort from a few days ago, but it is a clear favorite ”.

“The highlight is that. When an athlete is in that progression, you don’t know where his limit is. We do not know which is the roof of Jainaga. It was unthinkable to think five years ago to have the group of releases that we have now. He’s young, he has rivals, Quijera, and that certainly helps him improve. It is an encouragement. Every time he releases an upgrade, he has taken a brutal leap in quality. The javelin is a very technical specialty. It is very encouraging for the specialty, in which Spain never stood out. It is a light for the future. It is one of the highlights of the championship. The pitchers will be on a special track for them, in Moratalaz. He will be the center of attention. Cienfuegos is fine but not at last year’s level ”.

6. The march

July is a clear favorite in the 10,000 march and Álvaro Martín in the men’s. Neither Miguel Ángel López, nor María Pérez, nor García Caro, nor Raquel González, nor Diego García are there … many casualties, but it is normal because there is nothing in sight. It is logical. The walkers spend the whole summer in altitude preparing for the ‘x’ championship and this year it doesn’t make sense. In the case of Spain, we are a world elite in this discipline and it makes perfect sense to focus on Tokyo 100% now ”.

7. Schedules and television

As usual, Teledeporte will televise the Spanish Championship in its entirety on September 12-13.

Check the list of registrants, tests and schedules:

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