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Sport or diet: the eternal dilemma for losing weight

sport or diet to lose weight

The sport and diet they always appear as essential elements in those people who want lose weight. Slimming has a price and the toll is always linked to the exercise and to the healthy diet.

Slimming by magic has long since ceased to be a realistic goal so in view of what worries you the best thing is that you get down to work as soon as possible.

One of the first things that will haunt your mind when it comes to losing weight will be the importance of sport and diet. Which is better, 1 hour more cardio or give up the mid-morning snack?

Believe me that many people have doubts about whether exercise or diet is more important. In order to clear all these doubts and accompany this hard journey to all readers I have made this post. A basic guide in which we will analyze the incidence and importance of both the diet as of sport in those people who are looking for lose weight.

Sport or diet? The debate to lose weight

It is not necessary that before starting I tell you that the more sport you practice and the more you take care of your diet the more options you will have to lose weight in a healthy way.

However, for different reasons, many of us are what we cannot practice as much sport as we would like, and if this were not enough, sometimes we would take a healthy diet It seems an impossible goal.

At this point it is a matter of prioritizing. On the days you can exercise you will have more room to maneuver at meals. The caloric expenditure will be higher and therefore your intake should also increase slightly.

Now in terms of efficiency, it should be said that following only one diet and without physical exercise will cost you a lot to lose weight. The sacrifice must be huge and any slip can be paid very expensive.

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We are constantly exposed to stimuli in the form of food. Chocolate, sugary drinks or sweets are always on the prowl and the temptation of sin is enormous.

In addition, sport has positive effects on both mental and physical health. Active life significantly reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and moderate and controlled sports practice is a very important de-stressing factor to cope with a long and hard working day. Exercising has a direct impact on mood and will help you be more relaxed and lively in your day to day.

Likewise about lose weight doing sports and without dieting you can get very expensive. Not long ago we already told you some of the secrets to lose weight without dieting but beyond sport and weight we must not forget that behind all this there is a health issue. If you crush yourself daily with exercises and high intensity sessions, your body will be unable to recover from the efforts made. All this can trigger long-term health problems such as anemia, overtraining, insomnia or a metabolism slowdown that hinders weight loss.

Regarding keeping weight at bay in February 2019, a study was published confirming that people who play sports are more effective in stabilizing body weight.

Caloric deficit as a great ally

Beyond sports or diet, the most important thing when losing weight is to generate a caloric deficit.

Beyond sports or diet, the most important thing when losing weight is to generate a caloric deficit.

This implies that you must burn more calories than you eat or in other words, you have to produce a negative energy balance with respect to daily caloric expenditure.

To get a caloric deficit you have two ways. One is to reduce food intake and therefore the number of calories and the other is to increase energy consumption.

I do not recommend that you take either way to the extreme. The diets to lose weight Too aggressive they end up generating in many cases a rebound effect while excess sport will slow down the basal metabolism. After all, people who exercise burn, but they should also consume more calories.

Ideally, you will find the right term and that through a trial and error give the optimum point that allows you to generate a deficit or a healthy caloric surplus based on your interests. Forget about secret formulas to lose weight in a short time. The controlled caloric deficit will always be your best ally. Spending more than what you eat is not as easy as it seems.

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It is very important that you learn to control food anxiety

Do not forget the thermogenic effect of food, especially macronutrients. Proteins, for example, need 20-25% of the amount ingested to be assimilated, while carbohydrates only require 5 or 10%. Fats are macronutrients that have a lower thermogenic effect and hardly need energy after their intake to be assimilated

The key factor rest

I didn't want to say goodbye without adding another key factor to the previous equation. To improve and lose weight so important is to train as rest.

If you do not rest your body will be unable to assimilate training loads and your metabolism will be completely stagnant. The body is wise and in situations of too much stress it becomes saver. Your daily NEAT will decrease and it is very common that these people also suffer alterations at the mood or hormonal level.

Sleeping about 8 hours is important for all people but even more for athletes who want to improve their performance and lose weight with a good diet.

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