News : Sports youtubers: the fashion that is sweeping fans of all disciplines

News : Sports youtubers: the fashion that is sweeping fans of all disciplines

The existence of YouTube and publishers like Movie Maker democratizes the creation of sports content.

Creating sports-themed videos and having them reach a large number of people has never been easier than before. Thanks to digital tools, such as the video platform Youtube and video editors like Movie MakerAnyone can afford to upload the latest match for their home team or even broadcast a Judo tournament live.

This, of course, brings with it the possibility for each person to consume the content that interests them the most, without having to limit themselves to the topics and news that the most professional media consider of general interest. Despite the latter, it cannot be said that YouTube’s sports content has displaced that of these specialized media, but rather that they have become the ideal complement for many fans when it comes to delving into the topics that matter most to them.

How to become a sports youtuber?

To answer this question, just stick to the definition of youtuber; This is: anyone who uploads, produces or appears in videos shared on YouTube.

As we can see, this implies that all those sports lovers who feel they have something to communicate can also become Youtubers. To get started, you don’t need expensive recording equipment or complicated digital tools; just have a smartphone with camera and with to download a good video editor that is simple to use.

The importance of editing

Uploading a video to YouTube is not very difficult. However, doing it without editing that removes the most boring and irrelevant parts and gives it good structure can result in very few visualizations; since the spectator will find it little entertaining. In addition, it gives a feeling of lack of interest on the part of the author and that will make it difficult for the video to be shared and to gain subscribers.

To edit it is not necessary to be an expert or to pay for the license of a computer program. exist free and easy-to-use editors that allow the user to make good quality video montages no need for prior knowledge in the matter.

This is the case of Windows Movie Maker, one of the most used and loved editing programs by users. This Windows classic allows you to create and edit videos, as well as add images and sounds, among many other functions. Is perfect for those who start in the world of editing and creating content for YouTube.

Sports youtubers for all tastes

This underworld of YouTube offers anyone who loves sports a wide variety of content; since news and interviews, until tutorials to get to do that trick or star play with which to impress everyone.

In football, the channel of youtuber and journalist Rafael Escrig stands out. In his channel of reports and interviews, Rafael has been able to adapt his way of communicating to the platform, moving away from other styles that in this format would not work so well and offering entertaining and casual content. In addition, it has taken advantage of a niche of interest for fans of the beautiful game that is not so exploited, such as smaller teams, lesser known competitions and curiosities of the world of football, among many other topics.

For all those who want to improve their skills there is also a lot of content dedicated to it. Such is the case of the channel of the Spanish freestyle football champion, Javifreestyle, where you can learn tricks and techniques to control the ball like a master of this discipline.

Of course, other sports also have a place in the youtuber world. In basketball we have Carlos Vanguten, Floppball or Javi Huertas; in paddle we have channels such as Learn paddle with Hugo Cases or Mejora tupadel; and in tennis to Master of tennis or First hit.

Whatever sport we are interested in, it is only necessary to do a simple search on the platform to find youtubers dedicated exclusively to that discipline.

Youtube as a pool of new references in sports journalism

As has happened in many other areas of entertainment and culture, YouTube can become a springboard for many communicators that they begin to take their first steps there, instead of waiting for that opportunity at the hands of others.

Quality content that builds loyalty of followers and has a good impact on social networks, will facilitate entry to other communication channels already Job opportunities related to the world of sports journalism.

All this points to the fact that it is very possible that within a few years some of the most successful sports YouTubers will be on television sets, writing sports columns or broadcasting of general interest, since their fame on social networks can help to capture to more fans. Only time will tell if that is indeed the future of these sports content creators amateurs.

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