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SpVgg Unterhaching - Draw - Sport in the region

For the first time since 1996, the team from the Munich suburb takes another point in Kaiserslautern for the third league season. In the end you do not really know how to classify the 1: 1 on both sides.

By Stefan Galler, Unterhaching

For the 150th time Markus Schwabl ran on Saturday in the third league for the SpVgg Unterhaching, for a glittering anniversary celebration the whim of the 28-year-old right-back after the game, however, not enough: "I could bite my ass," said the Son of club president Manfred Schwabl after the 1-1 draw by SpVgg for the season opener at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. "Especially in the first half was much more in it, we must go clearly in the lead."

But that's exactly what the Red-Blue did not do, though they made the splashier impression in the beginning. After a strong pass from Sascha Bigalke, Max Dombrowka checked out the goalkeeper Lennart Grill from nine meters, but he deflected the ball fast (14.). Only a minute later, however, showed the Red Devils, that they must have as a co-favorite for the rise on the bill: After pass by Timmy Thiele nailed Christian Kühlwetter the ball to the post, but it was offside. But the FCK did not diminish, Florian Prick staged a double pass with Carlo Sickinger on the penalty area border, let Schwabl flash off, while Alexander Winkler visibly withdrew to provoke no penalty. Suddenly, Prick stood alone in front of SpVgg keeper Nico Mantl and left him with his dandy no defense - 1-0 (19.). Already in the making, he saw the disaster coming, so coach Claus Schromm: "I scream from the outside, that it is dangerous, then no one dares to go right and at the end it is just a nice goal."

Coach Schromm uses the drinking break to appeal to his men

Shortly thereafter, referee Sven Jablonski asked for his first break, Schromm took the opportunity to appeal to his men: "We wanted to stay courageous and confident, after all, we know what we can do and if we have the ball we can or other moment, "said Schromm afterwards in the press conference. Prompt midfielder Moritz Heinrich, alongside striker Felix Schröter the only access in the Haching starting lineup, a good equal opportunity, but again was at FCK goalkeeper Grill Endstation (22). Then Luca Marseiler scored the ball from 20 yards just over (27), later Sascha Bigalke put a free kick on the crossbar. And in the meantime Lautern was back: Thiele tested Mantl from a distance (37.), Janik Bachmann headed the ball from ten meters just off (44th).

In the break, the guests swore again: "We wanted to go in any case as a loser from the square," said Schromm. That should succeed, because it was already 1: 1 five minutes after halftime. A pass by Bigalke brought Marseiler just before the baseline by Hackend to Lucas Hufnagel, who prevailed with luck and skill against Jonas Scholz and met in the corner. "Typical Hufnagel gate," says Schromm. "He blocks the ball, then he drops it again and he makes it."

"We have a clear plan on how we want to play football," says President's son Markus Schwabl

Now it seemed as if the Palatine easy prey, but Haching did not use a good chance for combination over Marseiler, Hufnagel and Bigalke to the leading goal (55.). "There they were on the ground, but we have failed to come in and helped the Lauterern instead," said Schromm. Prompt, the hosts had good opportunities to make their turn the 2: 1, a Sickinger shot had goalkeeper Mantl only in Nachfassen (58.), an attempt by Manfred Starke clarified Schwabl shortly before the line (70th), before the FCK For minutes on the SpVgg penalty set. "We had to survive this phase of urge with many standards first," said Schromm, whose team then had the best chance of winning the goal: The offensively convincing defender Christoph Greger served the substitute Stefan Schimmer with a perfect pass, the "Bomber" failed, however out of his gate Keeper Grill (83.).

Then it was over and the mood swung between satisfaction and latent frustration in both teams. After all, Haching had scored again for the first time in almost 23 years on Betzenberg - just ten weeks ago they had come in the same place with 0: 4 under the wheels. The experiment dreierkette had also worked out, which is why Markus Schwabls closing words then turned out to be much more conciliatory than the first conclusion: "We have a clear plan on how we want to play football, not many teams have in this league And if we now also the Making goals and not falling back into the same grief as last season's round, we can play a good season. "

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