News : Strava shows that Alberto Contador is back

News :

Strava shows that Alberto Contador is back

Alberto Accountant Strava Training

Who had retained and is that surely there is no better phrase to define the last savage of Alberto Contador.

As we can see from his personal profile on Strava, it seems that the almost 3 years of professional inactivity have hardly taken its toll.

The man from Pinto is still in great shape and at 37 years old has been very close to fulminate his own time in the Morcuera. The Madrid rider wanted to debut the new Abikes model in style. Brand that he himself has created together with Ivan Basso and that is in a phase of media and commercial expansion.

Contador lately had us accustomed to high intensity training and it is that on his social networks it is easy to find outlets in the community of Madrid at an average higher than 40 kilometers per hour. But what happened last Monday was the definitive demonstration that Alberto would be able to run smoothly on a World Tour team.

The 4, 5 or 6 kilos of ballast that he took with the withdrawal would perhaps be a handicap in the tests for more demanding stages, but I am convinced that to this day Alberto could still give a good scare as an excellent "stage fighter" .

Accountant who has confessed on more than one occasion that he has retired because he can enjoy life more, he was less than a minute and a half from his best time on the climb and just over 2 minutes from the KOM of Tadej Pogacar on the last round to Spain.

The gunman completed the training with 3 more climbs at a very good pace to complete a total of 146 kilometers and accumulate more than 3,100 meters of positive elevation gain.

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