News : Strava will start charging for much of its services

News :

Strava will start charging for much of its services

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This morning we woke up with one of the most relevant news of the year in the amateur sports scene. The super well-known platform Strava informed through an official statement that many of its free features, very soon will only be available through the paid service.

The statement, I imagine that, with the clear intention of minimizing social criticism, states that at a corporate level the situation is unsustainable and that with a staff of 200 workers it is very difficult to keep free of certain functions. Gainey and Horvath, founders of Strava even claim that: "We are not yet a profitable company and we need to be in order to offer the best experience ”.

It seems that the owners of a community that has more than 40 million athletes worldwide, are clear that the time has come to start increasing the number of Premium users. According to textual words "We are going to invest more in those athletes who have invested in us."

It is true that as they themselves say the monthly subscription is worth less than a couple of quality energy bars. However, it is time to analyze the most significant changes so that you can assess whether or not it is worth paying a Premium. Will Chris Froome and the entire network of professional cyclists also have their monthly bill drawn?

What changes on Strava?

The changes will obviously affect all users and therefore all sports on the platform. However, by volume and character of the measures those who will be most affected will be cyclists followed by runners.

New Strava subscription features that were previously free

  • Overview of the leaderboards of the segment (the first 10 positions are shown free).
  • Comparison, filtering and analysis of segment efforts.
  • Route planning on with improved maps and segment assistance
  • Matching Races - Analysis of performance in identical races over time.
  • Training log on Android and
  • Monthly activity comparisons and trends.

New features for subscribers

  • Great update of Routes, with planning and recommendations on iOS and Android.
  • Matching Bike Tours - Analysis of performance on identical laps over time.
  • Complete training history with Training Log on iOS.
  • Training analysis available now for all types of activities.
  • Slope Adjusted Rate (RAP) now available on iOS and Android.
  • Coming soon: a whole new way to compete in the segments…

Latest releases for all athletes

  • Configuration to see “favorites first” and recovery of the chronological order in the activity feed.
  • Improved detection of suspicious results. We say goodbye to fake KOM, QOM and CR.
  • Loading activities with Apple Watch and improved synchronization with the Apple Health app.
  • Did you inadvertently drive home? Now you can cut your activities from the mobile.
  • All activities show both moving time and total elapsed time.
  • New or improved analysis of power, cadence and stroke rate in swimming.

As you have seen, quite significant changes will appear in the coming days. It is likely that the interface will still be shown in a trial version and that over time small technical details will improve, just as they did in their day with the chronological "feed". What also seems clear is that algorithm and advanced statistics play against cheats who are hunting KOMs on top of a motor vehicle. What is still in the air is the issue of electric bicycles.

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