News : Strava’s complaint about the assault on the US Capitol

News : Strava’s complaint about the assault on the US Capitol

Strava decided not to stay out of the assault on the capitol

It is not very common that estates or bodies related to sports activities get ‘involved’ in political affairs or in social complaints. They usually consider that they have much more to lose than to gain and prefer to remain in the background. Nor does anyone usually expect an entity that is not directly related to the political world to speak out on issues outside its ‘competence’, so in this sense being on the sidelines usually works.

But the assault on the US capitol has gone beyond any other phenomenon. The country with the most showcase in the world, the one they say pulls the strings of everything or practically everything, the first in many things, the great economic and social power of the planet, the United States, saw how a group of hundreds of anti-democracy (or anti-democratic, in this case both are worth) assaulted the bastion of democracy in an unprecedented act. Men and women of the most diverse, far right, and aroused supporters of Donald Trump occupied and barricaded themselves in the capitol in scenes that went around the world.

Stand on the sidelines or enter

AND the sports social network Strava decided that it could not stay out of this barbarism. This platform founded by Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath issued a statement that has been criticized by some for considering that it is not the business of a company like Strava to get into this type of conflict. “What we saw in the US Capitol this week was the antithesis of what Strava stands for,” the letter read. “It was internal terrorism and we denounced it. Whatever the limits or flaws our democracy may have, we believe that we must protect it. ”

“This is not about politics. These are fundamental principles in which we deeply believe: treat ALL people with decency, respect and fairness ”. says the letter. “When you joined Strava, you joined a global community of athletes who are in line with our community standards: respect each other, respect the rules, and be inclusive and anti-racist.”

Read the entire Strava brief.

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