News : Super League: It can and should be laughed – sport

News : Super League: It can and should be laughed – sport

Ene, mene, muh – and you’re out! The old children’s counting rhyme provides the perfect motto for the Super League of the world’s largest football clubs. It was only frightening for a while: Born on April 18th and buried on April 20th, 2021. When did sports officials ever come up with a faster knockout system? The current handbook for budding football top managers now reads: “The art of putting myself on the boards”.

Yes, it can and should be laughed at about what kept the sports and financial world in suspense from Sunday to Tuesday, what drove politicians to the barricades and, above all, millions of fans. What the billion-dollar clubs from Madrid, Manchester and Milan, whom they have admired for decades, have achieved cannot be beaten in terms of bungling and infantility.

Anyone who may argue that one could think about a super league of the greatest should be told: Absolutely. But the deceit and brutality with which the renegade twelve clubs lied to and took the entire European football community by surprise reveal the real core problem of this industry: galloping lack of spirit.

The big names in the industry thought they would get applause for tearing out the fillet pieces

In the football business, to put it simply, you can be successful with a noticeably few turns, conversely, expertise is more of a handicap for the majority of quite smart owners. Most of them do not deal with nooks and crannies, but with commodity trading and investments. Basically, every school leaver could operate such a vehicle, as long as he did not lack the necessary slyness at a young age. Unlike in other branches of the economy, the market is booming all by itself: for two decades, the football business has been hailing the euro bundles through the open roof. Just because. The public interest is raised in the media in a way that offends the mind – which is why the heroization of this sport and its athletes today occupies the spaces that religion once held: fan choirs, light fairs, unlimited worship. If not a pandemic banishes the audience from the arenas.

Because this was apparently completely new to the biggest players in the industry, they turned to their own product. They thought they’d get applause for doing it – all for the fans! – Tear out the fillet pieces. They thought they would be hailed as daring conquerors if they lay the rest of the industry safe with lies and bogus decisions, only to ambush them with an armada of American investors, lawyers, and public relations professionals.

Now only the failure of the twelve renegades is limitless. And that’s good. It reveals how far they have strayed from this product, in which numbers are not points and goals, but return data for them, and fans are simply consumers. A longstanding misjudgment. And the fact that the people behind them received millions in salaries for their business blindness only rounds off the picture. Those heads are now rolling, and the renegade clubs have suffered tremendous reputational damage. Share prices plummet, bankruptcies threaten. That leads to the welcome developments.

The super clubs will return with remorse. You definitely have to unpack what your plans and the whole plot looked like – and above all: who was behind it all. This includes in particular the question of what role Gianni Infantino played, the scandal-proof boss of the world football association Fifa, who has repeatedly sparked off with super league ideas. Then they should be rearranged further back in the limb. The heavily indebted clubs in Turin, Milan and Barcelona in particular can be happy if they can soon earn another euro somewhere – for them it is not yet clear whether their senseless, long-term betting on more and more income could quickly develop into bankruptcy. They never had a business vision other than this robbery of their own football family.

The momentum lies with the fans – and with the sheer mass of smaller clubs

But the best comes at the end: This kind of wholesaling addiction is over for the time being in professional business – those who looked in silent admiration at the spin-offs and perhaps just wanted to wait and see how the whole thing develops. The super-haunt lasted only two days, the break will be a historic one.

The football base now has the opportunity, especially in times of a global pandemic, to rethink its passion a little more fundamentally. The momentum lies with the fans – and with the sheer mass of smaller clubs that will hardly ever get to the big meat pots themselves. You should now position yourself more firmly for the future.

It doesn’t work without the others. That she has proven just that is now the greatest irony of the Super League.

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